One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 1: Accidental life experience

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt translation. Please let me know if there are mistakes, and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. So here is our first angst chapter:

Chapter 1: Accidental life experience

“I’m not a thief!”

Inside the orphanage bedroom, a nine year old girl is facing the crowd of children, with red eyes out of anger. She has a pair of big eyes full of tears, she’s smart and beautiful, but because of malnutrition, she’s a bit thin.

Seeing that everyone is looking at her with contempt and disdain, she said while choking up:

“That jade, it is originally my… I…, I’m not a thief! That was my mother left me!”

“What do you mean, I stole your stuff?!” stood opposite her is a girl with the same age . She tilted her head and coldly stared at her.

Compared to her, the girl looks sweet and looked proud, like a little princess of the superior general.

As her voice faded, the surrounding children immediately stand up.

“You’re clearly lying! A lie! How will Rou Er steal your stuff!?”

“Yes Yes! How is it possible? How is Rou Er be a thief? obviously, you stole her stuff!”

In the face of all children accused questioning, the girl sadly rubbed her eyes and burst into tears.

“That’s really my jade wooo … … back to me!”

Rou Er proudly glancing at her, turned to other children and said: “She is a thief! Little Shishi  is a bad girl! Next time, don’t play with her ”

A few children nodded heavily: “Mmm, we heard princess Rou Er, we will ignore her after all she is a thief! ”

“She is a thief, little Shishi is bad! She said Rou Er steal something from her, huh! how shameless”

As the children dispersed with laughter. The girl was leaning against the wall with tears, looked at their backs, secretly clenched her fists.


The Dean’s office:

There stood a row of all-black suit men.

A man passed in his fifties look seriously sitting on the couch, his spirit looks good, his temperament noble brow contains a sharp breath.

The Dean got a stack of files with information, he slowly opened and respectfully handed over it to the man: “Old man Mu, here are all the last year admitted children, please have a look. ”

The old man reached out and read a few, glancing with a slightly frowned eyebrow.The old man’s assistant that were looking at his boss face, raised his head to the Dean smiling and said: ” Excuse me, May I ask for a child that was eight or nine years olds when got admitted here last year?”

Dean said,” Please wait a moment. ”

The old man eyes got fixed on a family portrait that was attached in the file, suddenly reached out his finger and point to it, “let me see this girl.”

The Dean hesitated for a while then nodded: “Well, I’ll arrange for her to meet you”

She put a call, and in a short while, there was a teacher who led the girl inside.

Rou Er lovingly stood in front of the old man, hands behind her back, straighten her chest, smile and said: “Grandpa! Hello! my name is Rou Er ”

The old man staring at her blankly, carefully look on her face inch by inch. His deep gloomy eyes slowly narrowed.

Rou Er curiously twisted up her eyebrow, she felt that this grandpa looks fierce and she cannot help to take two steps back, surprisingly the old man rushed and hold her.

“Come on, let Grandpa take a look at you!”

“…… Ah.” Rou Er with hesitation took two steps forward.
The old man gently took hold of her shoulders and looked at her carefully once again. Though in the same line of age, he always felt that the eyes or the facial features of this child are not quite the same.

His eyes then slowly landed on the jade egg between her collarbone. The old man asked: “This jade ……”

Rou Er smiled and said:. “This jade is what my mother gave me.”

The old man looks at his assistant. And by then his assistant hurriedly took out another piece of jade from the briefcase and handed it over.

Two jade pieces tightly fit together.

The old man’s hands trembled slightly. The old man’s assistant after seeing the event, walked over to the Dean and whispered a few words, then took out a big check. The Dean smiled and gladly took it.

In front of the orphanage, a row of luxury black cars are parked.

The girl looking lonely climbed the black bars, glassy eyes far looked at the old man in a suit with Rou Er behind sitting on a longer Bentley car.

When the car door is closed, Rou Er coldly looking in her direction, inadvertently, their pairs of sight had a collision in the air, Rou Er treacherously smiled at her, slowly raising the window, the car pull away.

The life of the two children changes accidentally.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Accidental life experience

  1. hey dear. thanks for the translation.
    i really2 like this novel and have already read it too with google translate. im so glad that u can translate this. hehe
    good luck..
    i hope that u can translate until the end 😘😘👍🏻


      1. me too.. i love this story too. oh yeah. have u read hidden marriage? its also a good novel.. really love that novel eventhough its still on going.. u make me wanted to try to translate too.. my english and chinese language is also jbad. but i really wanted to try it like u do hahaha good luck & have a nice day hehe

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  2. They really didn’t check that hard to make sure they got the right one did they… At least a DNA check or monitor the damned family tree a bit better. Thanks for the translation translator!

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