One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 2: A surrogate mother

In a hospital corridor, a secretary making a phone call is reporting all the information in the health card.

“Yun Shi Shi, eighteen years old, student, father’s company went bankrupt, after verification, all the information given are true. Checking the analysis all results are healthy, she will not cause any problems for the custody of the child.”

But this girl’s body does not comply with the conditions of artificial insemination, then that means, only another form of…

Yun Shi Shi sat motionless on a bench, watching the scenery outside the window, she looked oddly calm, but her deep watery eyes were gloomy.

Although she is very young and has delicate features, her looks are younger than the actual age of many, in her childish face vaguely match the vicissitudes of life.

She was selected to be one in a million people with her pair of good looks. The employer is very rich and signed the compensation of worth five million. For her, it is a huge sum, as huge as astronomical figures.

Three days ago she was carrying her father secretly signed contract and inexplicably been brought to this hospital. Every day she is locked in this room, not allowed to talk about the outside world and not allowed to go out. As if like quarantined patients.

She knew that, in order to prepare for pregnancy, she must ensure that she is physically healthy, and so that her body can adjust easily to pregnancy .

Three meals a day are well prepared. Ham, bacon, bread, beef, almost extravagant. She knew that these are beneficial to prepare for her pregnancy, although she doesn’t like eating  all these things, she can only endure the discomfort of swallowing this kind of foods.

Yun Shi Shi cannot go against any order since one of the conditions of the contract is to obediently listen to.

Until today the employer’s secretary came into this uneasy private sector and she were examined.

The employer is very mysterious, she did not even see his face, she only knows that a contract was actually signed to give her five million as a reward – Five Million, she should be able to help his father through the crisis!

About this stuff, she dared not mention it to his father, before leaving she only just left a note, pregnancy took a long period of time, so she doesn’t need to worry how to deal with his father scolding soon.

In accordance with the contract requirements, before conception, she must be ready for observation and condition of tomorrow, an advance payment of one million will be sent to her father’s account and if she gave birth to a boy, they will pay her the reward.

Surrogacy, ah… That… It is really funny, in order to get the money, she thought all the ways, but it never crosses her mind to get the reward she needs to sell her body! However, after all, the reward is tempting.

In this predicament, she chose this hard road.

Villa Luxury Estate, Sea View Room.

Here in the vicinity of the sea, a villa with exclusive beautiful scenery, the premium is self-evident

After her simple tidy up, a luxurious car took her to the house, gave her an account, and then went away.

The secretary told her that tonight, he will come.

Yun Shi Shi made a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful scenery. While looking she’s dragging a heavy luggage into the villa.

At night, in the luxurious bedroom, the curtain tightly pull cover all the light.

Inside the quiet room, she bathed and lay quietly in a kingsize bed, her pair of eyes was asked to put blindfolds,with no of visual perception, her hearing become keen, the sea breeze and waves sound could be heard.

No noise from the city, but the quietness and calmness make her numb.

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