One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 3: Obscure Night

No noise from the city, but the quietness and calmness make her numb.

Then, she heard a sound coming from afar. As it gets near the steam, the car was parked in front of the villa.

At that moment, her calm mood unexpectedly felt unknown tension and panic. She heard footsteps coming from the stairs, the more it’s getting closed the more she could no longer pretend to be calm!

Unhappily, someone opened the door.

Accompanied by steady footsteps, Yun Shi Shi can feel somebody walked in and stood beside her. She was very nervous and suddenly sat up in bed!

He came! Is he the employer?

With uneasy feelings, she felt that someone was sitting in the bed.

Yun Shi Shi nervously leaning against the wall, felt very awkward. At the front of a suffocating darkness, she can only vaguely see a tall figure outline, but nevertheless, let her heart feel attracted.

I can’t see his face but can feel the invisible powerful force field, especially the cold sight, that only belongs to a king’s unique aggressive atmosphere, like a noble arrogant overlord. And she, in front of him is like an offering tribute in ancient times to a general.

Yun Shi Shi with stuttering words asks, “You … … Who are you?”

The man did not answer, his body slightly move forward and approached her.

Yun Shi Shi can only feel a man’s breath getting close, then a tall body slowly pressed her down, she was then completely confined in his body. She leaned down, under his weight and curled up into a ball, she can no longer move, his hands twisted and were wrapped in her chest. She’s having the difficulty in breathing!

Ranging from her reaction, the man slightly narrow his eyes, then straight up lifted her clothes, soft white skin got exposed in the air, his big palm suddenly moves into the … …

“Wait!” She shivered, “I … can I see you?”


A young man with a deep voice sounds like a mellow wine.

“I can’t see anything, I’m afraid……”

He sneered low, one that cannot be heard. “You don’t need to see and also need not to fear.”

A young body that is not yet fully developed, this girl is so sentimental, light and fragile waist that can be completely controlled, cold fingers rubbed heavily on her lips, he keeps it rolling more. “You just need to close your eyes.”

His cold fingertips touched her warm skin, so she could not help but shudder. In front of the darkness, it only increases the uneasiness of her mind!

The man apparently think her dress is too inconvenient, “thorn” sound can be heard.

With a sudden rough action, Yun Shi Shi’s body got stiff as stone and did not dare to move.

Heartbeat like a thunder, as if it wants to leap out from her throat.

Shame, panic, fear, almost overwhelmed her and about to lose breathe.

At this moment, she suddenly began to regret it.

Previously, she thinks she can do it, that she will only give birth to a child for him, although she is not experience, as a woman sooner or later she will experience it. But now facing this strange and overbearing man, she no longer had the courage, her fear further increase!

She grew up into an adult without a need of too much guidance, from a young age to her current age she never even held a boy’s hand. Although her heart is in chaos , she could not resist his invasion, under his touch , just like the dawn of the flower bud slowly, slowly blooming.

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    1. oh yea the mc is female… my bad maybe I misused “His” while referring her, could you please tell me which paragraph u’ve seen it. I read it again and again but couldn’t find it. is it in this chapter? I might be getting blind. thanks for reading and reminder ^.^

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