One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 5: He kissed her

He had no time to take into account her pain, for a man like him this situation is a waste of time, not to mention in front of a woman he doesn’t have feelings!

How laughable?

He is her employer and gave her a lot of money, so she deserves this pain.

The sudden pain gave her a feeling of grievance and bitter tears flows out.
She hissed a pain cry and her eyes got red, but she still stubbornly bites her lips. She doesn’t want to show her vulnerable side, but couldn’t really take the intense pain. Later on, she could no longer bear it, and her broken sobbed can be heard.

“Ooo … …” In the end, she sobs like a cat.

In his depth collision, she felt that he almost cruelly plunder her everything.

The endless pain she felt is like the fierce waves of the sea that drowns her ups and downs. Her eyes gradually look away, she tried reaching out her trembling fingers, but she cannot catch anything to cling into. In front of her was a total darkness and her mind was in chaos.

Both of them were perfectly closed to each other, sweat covered their bodies. Mu Yazhe’s five fingers ruthlessly grab her hair and feel the intense taste of the moments.

Her mind went blank but she couldn’t beg. Mu Yazhe’s body move faster to meet his excitement and unconstrained his emotion. But suddenly, he felt his neck got wet with hot tears, so he slightly lifted his eyes. In his surprise, he saw her biting her lips and whimpering in pain

Mu Yazhe’s handsome face look at her pitiful little face, unconsciously he lowered his head and heavily kissed her lips, his tongue move like a snake into her mouth, winding, sweeping and swallowing her sobs.

Kiss is a taboo for him!

Kissing means that there’s a profound feeling!

He never kisses a woman. Because in his eyes, a woman’s lips are very dirty. Even though all the woman that hang around his side has always been an aristocratic daughter or entertainment actress, he never touched any of them.

How did I?… Why did I actually kissed this woman?

Accurately said, this is his first woman.

But I never thought that kiss would taste… so delicious?

Mu Yazhe continued his intense kiss. His action made her suffocate but made him reach the heaven … …

The bed scenes were very sentimental for him.

But for her, it’s a bone destruction scenes

Yun Shishi opened her eyes and saw that the red silk that covering her eyes has long been drench in a cold sweat.

A gushing sound of water can be heard from the shower room.

She touches her body slightly but felt a sharp pain from her fingertips, she had never been in this kind of situation, she tried clasping her fingers on the bed, but her fingernail broke and prick her.

She felt pain, but this pain convinced her that everything is over, it’s over … I hope this time, I’ll be able to successfully conceive.

It’s over … I hope this time, I’ll be able to successfully conceive.

She will give birth to his child, get the money and leave this place. She will then go back to her own life.

At midnight.

Mu Yazhe took a shower and changed his clothes, his tall figure stand in the room. His eyes narrowed and look at the woman’s body rolling up from the white bed. Her back was arch and gasping for breath, with her white and smooth body, his rude traces are very visible.

While on the bed, a blood like a blooming bud could be seen.

Yun Shishi lies motionless on the bed, her back was facing him. He looked at her and saw that her body was trembling and curling stiff like a stone, her messy hair was scattered on the side of the pillow and was soaked in sweat.

He looked at her coldly and stand for a brief moment, then turned to walked away.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 5: He kissed her

  1. Cold-hearted hero. Check.
    Innocent heroine. Check.
    Contract relationship. Check.
    Looking forward to how this story pans out.
    Xie xie ni. Much appreciated.


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