17 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 6

  1. Poor girl.
    She lived as an unloved orphan, her mother’s jade was stolen, her real family didn’t recognised her and was fooled by a stranger, abandonning the poor girl in the processus (there’s something in society called Dna that should have proven this bitch’s falseness), even her adoptive mother and sister ignore her. Now she will bear a child that won’t be hers after having been violently “raped” (contract or not) by a rude man who thinks he is the center of the world and suffers more than anybody else (oh ! Poor him !), and she is slapped by his fiancee even though it’s not her fault.
    Then what ?


    1. What you wrote had all the makjang elements of this story. The jerk already broke one of his “relationship” (if you could call it that”) rules. He kissed the heroine.

      I wonder what is the connection between Yun Shishi and the fiancée. It’ll be interesting if they’re connected at the orphanage.

      Thanks a lot for this chapter.


  2. Huh… why even get a surrogate mother, when you get jealous of her? Just don’t get a child if you end up eating the vinegar of Shi shi. It’s your own problem you can get pregnant. Not hers


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