One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 8: The Life of Yun Shishi

In fact, his family was very wealthy, there is a listed asset under their name and they were all profitable and stable, so their life is well-off. But earlier this year a financial crisis swept the world, the sudden disaster overwhelmed the entire family’s wealth.

As the company has repeatedly lost their sales, many of his shareholders withdrew their funds, seeing that the company will go bankrupt, he let his wife take over the matters about Yun Shishi. Last year, he had originally planned to invest a money so he can send her to a residential elite high school.

His wife thinks that, if only the company didn’t encounter this crisis, the Yun family will not come to such a situation.

Because of this incident, the family often broke out into a quarrel. In the worst case, when Yun Shishi stayed at home for holiday vacation, the mother and daughter duo will shut the door and they will beat her, taking advantage of his absence. When he heard all this he almost had a heart attack.

Mr. Yun got anxious when he see the door was pushed. The Secretary opened the door and Yun Shishi slowly came in. When she saw her Father Yun, her eyes slightly moves and got moist but she immediately restores her calm.

Father Yun suddenly got up but when he saw the Secretary, he looked at her with doubts.

When the secretary senses it, she immediately understands that she had to leave the room and close the door for them.

“Shishi !” Father Yun who looked so anxious, came over to her and hold her shoulders. He looks at her worriedly and asks, “Where were you these past two months? Do you know how anxious your Father is? ”

Yun Shishi felt guilty and  raised her head. It’s only been two months since she has not seen him and yet his hair turns gray. She got worried that her father keeps thinking about the company’s problem and also the words she left in her note.

“Dad, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” Yun Shishi said while helping him to sit down, “How’s the company now?

“Where did you get the money?”

Father Yun frankly asked.

At some point, Yun Shishi doesn’t know how to answer his question, she got panic, but quickly tried to cover it up. Father Yun tightly hold her hands, “My good daughter, tell me the truth, don’t try to deceive me. Don’t let your daddy worry about you again, okay?” He suddenly remembered something terrible, sit up, and asked, “You didn’t do anything stupid, right?!”

Seeing her head down and doesn’t speak, he stared at her face to see some reactions, suddenly he pointed out his finger to the door and asks, “Who is that woman!?”

Yun Shishi kept silent for a long time , with her low voice as mosquitoes: “I … … I was doing surrogacy.”

The room suddenly went into silence.

Father Yun’s pupil constricts, looking at her in disbelief, “You … … how could you … …”


“Pa- -” sound could be heard, Father Yun suddenly slapped her face. Yun Shishi felt her cheek was burning, but she still tried to listen attentively to her father’s earth-shaking questions: “Why did you spoil yourself!? Surrogacy? … … That kind of thing… Is that something you should do!?”

She was still young, but went so far as to be a surrogate mother! She knew that it would ruin her!

Is in her eyes, I her father was so useless? Even I, cannot fully protect my daughter?

“This money, I will not use it! Even if my business completely fails, I will still not use it!”

Having said that, Yun Yecheng stands up and angrily left the room.

Yun Shishi bowed her head and tightly grabbed her skirt…

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 8: The Life of Yun Shishi

  1. Noooo Fatheerrrr don’t leave Shishi TAT.
    He really cares about her daughter… i wonder what made her father signed the contract without him recognizing it…?

    Thank you for the update


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