20 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasure – Chapter 12

  1. ohh the older brother like his father so cold but the younger brother like his mother so warm and cute!
    but poor older brother! I will wait when will they meet!
    thanks for the chapter xD


  2. Xiao You is so Sensible! He’s gonna grow up to be a sweet mamacon heartthrob and the older twin is gonna be the cool heartthrob!


  3. hm… will the older brother blame his mother?? after all, she “sold” him… it’s so sad TAT
    no, no , no please don’t do this to my poor heart

    thanks for the update

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  4. no, no, no… i will stop myself to answer those questions. hahaha…don’t worry guys they will be answered tomorrow i guess… i’m sleepy.. i will translate again as soon as i woke up. good night and thanks for reading guys^.^


    1. You’re so gracious to us Chinese illiterate readers. Heh.
      Xie xie ni.

      Gege grows up with all the richness that money can buy but none of the warmth and love.


  5. Huhu… Poor older brother. .. But I guess it is fitting that the older brother got to be taken by the father since he got to be the heir of the company and protect his little bro. He get to endure the coldness and hardships, although it is unfair for him… But hey, that’s why big bros are cool and to be looked up to

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  6. Ohhh, I kinda already guessed the older one would grow up cold, how sad. If she had raised him, his mother would have really loved him. Thanks for picking this book up!


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