One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 10: Little You You

Hi everyone, let’s start the new day with a new chapter. Thanks for reading, likes and comments. I read them all ^. ^ I fell into a trap of question last night and gave a spoiler. But all the questions made me happy. Fufufu

Chapter 10: Little You You (Yow Yow)

A very charming and lovely little guy, just like a beautiful elf, but now the elf eyes at the moment seems serious, looking quite a bit mature for a small child.

“150 yuan, it’s too expensive for me……” in a childish voice reveals a sadness that is inconsistent at his age is, he looks like a frowning little old man, turning his little fingers and calculate, he gave a sad sigh,  as if he’s in a dark world.

Yun Shishi cannot help but laugh when she saw him look so depressed, but under those laugh, her heart felt some slight bitterness. She pursed her lips, reached out her hand and tapped him on the shoulder. The little boy got startled, turned and see her, and somewhat his cheeks strangely become red, “Mommy … …”

“Mommy can’t  find you for a long time, next time you obediently follow Mommy, ok? don’t go running around alone!.”

Yun Shishi’s pretending to look fierce, the little boy clearly felt more guilty, and his small hands carefully wrapped around her, eyelids slightly down, big eyes blinked and muttered in a low voice: “Mommy don’t get angry , You You will not do it again!”

“Good boy!” She crouched down and hold him,” what are you looking at?”

You You subconsciously pointed to the remote control car, but suddenly remembered something and lowered his small fingertip, he raised his small face pretending to be carefree: “Mommy, Youyou just looking and really don’t want it, aah!”

Despite what his lips say so, the little guy ‘s eyes are always tightly staring at that beautifully remote control car, his eyes betrayed him completely.

Yun Shishi cannot help but felt solemn, the little guy acts matured in his actual age, his heart clearly wants it. But, he’s acting brave to let her save some money, This child is a natural warm man.

A naturally filial son.

She smiled and patted his little head. She stood up, went to the counter, pointed out the remote control car to the counter staff. You You was staring at the bike toy and looked at Yun Shishi. He made a guess about what his mother might be doing, his face suddenly shows full of excitement and went to the counter. He’s staring at the counter staff that holding the remote control car.

The clerk is trying to demonstrate the car toy on the top of the counter, then brush the label after being purchased. The little boy holding at the tip of the counter standing tiptoed keeps staring, his small face looks very happy.

Yun Shishi standing behind You You sees him smiling brightly, she cannot help to feel moved. Thinking that, if she cannot even fulfill such a small wish of a child, then she is not a good mother.

Over the years, she took care of the child, it isn’t too much to do this.

Six years ago, she gave birth to a pair of twins for that man, and because it is a premature delivery, the older brother was born healthy and the younger brother was weak. When they were still inside her belly,  the older brother took away so many nutrients that made You You in a critical condition  and be born with no breath. Listening to her father’s story, when the older brother had just been born, it was sent to the neonatal ward, and afterward, the Secretary took the baby and sent it to another hospital. Then after that, the midwife nurse that was supposed to take care the dead younger brother, accidentally discovered that Youyou was actually breathing!

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Little You You

  1. Thank you for the mother-son cuteness!! I’m guessing if the older child will grow up as a selfish boy… You You is so sweet!!


  2. You You!!!! SO CUTE!!!!! *hugs You You to her chest*

    *You You struggles helplessly against the superhuman strength demonstrated only around cute young organisms*

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!


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