One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 11: You You is her beloved baby

After the baby was given an immediate care, he was saved. But because the child’s body was too weak, he will grow prone to illness and with no father. She will take care of him, give him more love and attention, and she will make him understand that even if he has no father, he was loved!

And so she gave him the name “Yun Tian You”, she thanked God for letting You You live, I hope he can grow up healthy and healthy.

After that, she begs her father to let her keep and hide You You. As the hospital president and her father have a good relationship, he allowed them to tampered her records. So that the man will not know it, and You you can stay by her side. If the man knows the existence of You You, she could not imagine how desperate they would get him!

After that, she returned to the university to continue her studies, her father’s company eventually failed and needed to submit bankruptcy procedures to the court. The man eventually fulfill his promise, after she gave birth to a male child, she got paid more than the amount that was written in the contract, he was rich and powerful.

This amount was too much for her, with this a lot of money, how can she not repay the debt of her father.

After the company failed, the Yun business will need to start from scratch again, there are many concerned too: the building was old , had experienced bankruptcy, no longer has the high-spirited atmosphere, so her father got frustrated again and again.

Mother Yun Li Qin didn’t have a talent too, she hated the facts that she was married to the useless and old man Yun. She was originally a housewife, but then she was forced to make a living, had to go out to work odd jobs. She misses her rich wife’s days.

With this, she developed a rough temper, always don’t work for a long time.

Sister Yun Na failed the entrance examination so she can’t go to college, she simply attended a vocational school, She was known to have short temper and  has often provoked some scourge, often having trouble to some random youth.

After graduating, she cannot find any work, always resting in the house all day. Even if she’s aware that the whole family was only depending on her father’s low income. She still often hangs around nightclubs and caused trouble.

Youyou merely grow with breastfeeding. While Yun Shishi’s  still in the University, having a lot of credited subjects was the most difficult time for her. She cannot even finish attending them all in a month. In her spare time, she had to do her homework, then go busy working, plus to take care of Youyou, she almost has no time for herself.

After graduating from college she found a good job and it was near at home, so things were getting better. But now that the mother and sister are at home, she’s worried about Youyou and the house being crowded, as she had previously experienced their cold treatment.

One time, when she was holding Youyou at home, Yun Na’s indifferent ridicule could be heard, calling Youyou a “little bastard” it was so hard for her to let it go. So after her work that day, she and Youyou moved out from the Yun house and rented a house.

Usually, when she go to work, Yoo You will be sent to the kindergarten and after school will wait for her at the school gate.

Fortunately,Yun Tian You  is very sensible, although he is still at a young age, he is very considerate to her, very self-willed, and now is even trying to learn to go home by himself.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 11: You You is her beloved baby

  1. Kyaaa thank you!!!!!
    I cant wait when the two of the pair gonna meet again, I wonder will the twin have some telephatic bond?
    Hahahaha m first @ didnt i?


  2. You You is so sweet! Protect your Mama in the Future, okay?
    Yun Yun’s family reminds me of cinderella. Evil stepmother and sister, caring and kind father…


  3. Her maternal instinct to protect her child is a saving grace. Sensible and smart of her to leave her adoptive family’s house and be independent. Atta girl.

    Thanks again much appreciated.


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