One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 14: Fictitious fiancee

Mu Wan Rou saw him listless, her eyes glanced at his desk, there was still a mountain pile of case, so she whispered: “Zhe, am I not bothering you?”

Even though she will be his wife, and soon will enter the Mu’s family home, but for this unfathomable man, she still maintains a cautious attitude. Although she grew up with him from childhood, Mu Wan Rou has always felt that she was not truly in his heart.

And with this engagement, she once thought that she was the happiest woman in the whole world. She loves this man from the bottom of her heart and in irony, she was never able to see through this man.

Even if he will be her husband soon, he was always so cold or overbearing, he was arrogant, always had a cold decision, she had never seen him show tenderness.

Except to Mu Yi Chen.

Only to Mu Yi Chen he would be willing to spend weekdays and go even on a cold mountain.

Mu Yazhe replied in cold voice with a slight trace of softness: “No!”

Mu Wan Rou smile, feel delighted for his little pampering, her eyes showing a deep love.

She slowly walks around in front of him, stretching her arm and affectionately put it on his shoulder, she vaguely leans her sexy body against his chest, her eyes looking at him, she slowly moves near to his handsome face and kisses that sexy thin lips.

Mu Yazhe in his surprised moves his face, her kiss fell abruptly on his jaw.

Mu Wan Rou looked stiff, lift her head, and was surprised to see his cold thin line of sight, she could not help but to pursed her bitter lips.

Her heart secretly shows self-deprecating. How can she ever forget, even though they are soon to be husband and wife, his lips has always been a forbidden zone. Kissing is a taboo. Him staying with her is fake, just like a routine and any woman is no exception.

Mu Wan Rou is very angry, in her grievances holds Mu Yazhe’s face, her eyes got teary.

“Zhe, do you love me? You…answer me seriously, do you really love me? Or your just following your grandfather’s will, the marriage between us is it really just following his order?”

Although she knew it all along in her heart, but today, when she saw the magazine, that he and another woman have a sex scandal, she was so sad and angry!

She cannot stand it, he has been a god-like man in her mind, she won’t let other women encroach!

Mu Yazhe’s deep cold face shows no emotional change. Somehow, He doesn’t know why he couldn’t admire Mu Wan Rou’s clear face in front him. All the things in his mind were only their billion development project.

For some reason, Mu Wan Rou unwilling kissed his lips again. He rightly turns his face, escape, and walk away.

“Wan Rou, don’t cause trouble.”

Mu Wan Rou smiled bitterly and felt an incredible sadness in her heart. She knew he would escape, he never kissed her, or even any woman before.

Mu Yazhe was ruthless. Although many women flock around him, but still, no one was special.

Even her, his righteous fiancee, also his closest woman, but have not been an exception.

Does he really love her? he’s only comforting her when she was lonely .

Or even his consolation was fake?

She had suspected more than once that if only his grandfather not set and expecting this marriage, surely this man will not look at her even once, right?

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Fictitious fiancee

    1. yeah… thinking that she wouldn’t agree? XD But let her keep all that stuff because they’re jerks any way!!!! At this point I’m shipping kind mama and UNKNOWN NICE MC WHO HASN’T APPEARED YET.


      1. Was a makjang one? WIth birth secrets, water throwing, kid napping attempts and evil plans schemed by the villains?


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