One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 15

Hi everyone,

This will be the last chapter for today. I always read all the comments and I’m having fun to see that some readers get curious. I found some spoiler comments too.

I would like to request to stop doing so to not kill the excitement of the future chapters. I don’t stop anyone from reading ahead but forgive me if I will remove the spoiler comments here. I hope you will understand. Thanks for reading ^.^

Here’s Chapter 15

31 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 15

  1. Oh no!!! I didn’t comment a spoiler D: I haven’t read the raws, that’s just my guess from the clues so far. I’d say the author is good with his/her foreshadowing… I was ranting at the fiance if my hunch is true. Sorry for the misunderstanding Dx


    1. hahaha… no worries… yup the author is great to make this novel very interesting( maybe for me) though surrogacy is not a popular plot. the author made me irritated, sad, happy etc. with this story. thanks for reading ^.^


  2. Thank you. In fact, I want the fake fiancee to be changed to someone else instead. The male MC is like that because of his upbringing, in his way he has been controlled by his grandfather. He is a cold man is another way of protecting himself just like he said that he don’t love anyone except his mother n what is love as he put it? He may come from a wealthy family but is he really a happy child just like his own son??

    I can’t wait for him to meet up with his son’s biological mother n twin brother especially You You commented in the synopsis if I am not wrong…” she is this child’s woman” You You is so cute and protective towards his mother.


    1. i agree, his character is common to those born rich guys. I love and hate his character. hohoho…. even MWR i hate her so much… that i dont want to read her chapter part but she was pretty well portrayed as a villain char.

      I felt like this was written to be dramatized, though. thanks for reading ^.^


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