19 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 17

  1. Oh oh, could it be. . . That “father and son” pair You You is talking about be his bro and dad? The Dad did say big bro used to play with remote control cars until he growed tired of it. Interesting, the brothers are longing for what they don’t have. Big bro wants a mother’s warmth (even though there’s the fiancee, she’s just faking love for him), while Little bro wants a father’s company. I want them to meet soon Dx I wonder how they will be like…

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      1. No, in the previous chapter, Dad said that Big bro actually get used to play with toy cars but he got tired of it. That’s why he was slightly surprised that big bro suddenly asked for a toy car and asked him “didn’t you got tired of it?”. Well, it’s like big bro used to play with his dad, little bro saw them and felt envious. Little bro asked for the toy car to his mom, big bro saw it and felt envious. Big bro asked for toy car (again) to his father, even though he grew tired of them.

        Conclusion: The brothers are excellent toy car customers – ah, I mean, the brothers are “jealous” of each other.

        Solution: Just get the mom and dad marry to each other!!!

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      1. Yeah, I like the author’s ironic twist of Fate. And the brother’s conflict turning full circle back, it really shows their connection towards each other. I guess why I like this is because despite sounding simple (which makes it easy in the eyes), there’s this kinds of twists that you can call fate…


  2. You you is so precious!! For both children it would be interesting to see them do a Parent Trap kind of move and live with each other’s parent to feel that missing love. They are identical twins so it could work if they meet 😀


  3. I WANT TO HUG TWO PAIRS OF THEM (well, thinking carefully, the father-son pair won’t let me, so duh)
    oooooh… Reading this make me feel gentle squezee in my heart.. ah.. i-i can’t handle this…

    Thank you for the chapter ^^

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  4. I want mooooreeeee..(not pressuring the translator. Please translate on your own pace..) Just saying its interesting. ^_^ I love the story and thank you for taking your time to translate and edit.


  5. Aww the feels for the brothers. Poor children. In a twist of fate they seem content with just one parent but deep inside they’re both longing for the parent’s love that they haven’t experienced. Poor kiddos.


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