One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 17: Sensible You You

Mu Yazhe’s eyes showed a rare trace of tenderness from his plea “Well, Daddy will buy one for you.”

“Daddy buy one for yourself too ah, so you can play with me!” Little Yi Chen softly lies in his arms and nestled, he greedily enjoys the moment between him and his father’s warmth.

Mu Wan Rou quietly standing on the side, in a trance

She doesn’t know why she suddenly had an illusion. It seems she cannot intervene in the father and son’s world.


At Friday night, Yun Shishi and Youyou visits the Yun family. Yun Yecheng was actually very reluctant to let her leave the house, but he also knows her situation and that she has her difficulties. So he just asks her to visit once a week with You You to accompany him and have dinner.

Although Yun Shishi has some hesitation, she also felt moved by it. After all, she owes her father a lot. If Yun Yecheng didn’t bring her out from the orphanage, She doesn’t know what will be her situation by now.

In the end, she still visits her Father. Yun Shishi was carrying the groceries she bought while Youyou was jumping around on the road.They saw Yun Yecheng waiting early in the corridor across their closed down company. They sold their previous villa, and lived on the 8th floor, no elevator apartment building, it has some distance away from the city center.

Seeing his grandfather, Youyou happily ran fast and flew into Yun Yecheng’s arms. Yun Yecheng when he saw this small grandson of him, his heart felt tight in happiness, even though he was tired earlier this day from work and his body unable to eat much recently, but he still lifted up high Youyou into his arms.

“Grandfather!” Youyou grin and playfully blinked his eyes. He put his arms around his neck and sweetly called out.

“Youyou is really a good boy!” Yun Yecheng said, facing his little face and kissed him on the cheek, “Did you obediently listen to your Mommy today?”

“Mmm!” You You’s handsome little face showing a sweet smile.

Yun Shishi carried the groceries up to the kitchen and began busying herself to prepare dinner. Mother Yun Li Qin is still sleeping, while Sister Yun Na goes out to play with her friends and will come back before dinner.

Yun Yecheng holding You You sits on the sofa. You You is swaying and excitedly said: “Grandpa, I tell you, ah! Today Mommy and I went to the mall,  and Mommy bought me a remote control car! I wanted to bring this to grandfather to play …… ”

The little guy suddenly felt embarrassed and bow his heads, fiddling with his small fingers, and continue saying: “But Youyou will not play with it, I’m afraid of breaking … … so I dare not to…”

Father Yun heard those words, his face slightly changed, his big palm gently stroked Youyou’s head.

Youyou has always been very sensible, never ask for anything expensive than a hundred yuan toys. For him, this remote control car has already considered a luxury, but nevertheless, his heart still wants to try.

Youyou could still remember the last time he played with his friend in a small garden, they saw a father and son playing with a remote control car. The Father and son play together to control the car in the grass, he secretly hides in the corner, seeing that scene, made him somewhat envious.

Thinking that, if one day his father can play with him like that, how happy it would be.

But he never had seen his Daddy and his Mommy never mention him. He vaguely remembers when he had asked his Mommy, where his father was. He saw his Mommy made a sad face, since then, he never dares to ask again.

Father Yun smiled and pinched his pretty pretty nose, said: “Next time, Grandfather will help you assemble it and play!”

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 17: Sensible You You

  1. Oh oh, could it be. . . That “father and son” pair You You is talking about be his bro and dad? The Dad did say big bro used to play with remote control cars until he growed tired of it. Interesting, the brothers are longing for what they don’t have. Big bro wants a mother’s warmth (even though there’s the fiancee, she’s just faking love for him), while Little bro wants a father’s company. I want them to meet soon Dx I wonder how they will be like…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, in the previous chapter, Dad said that Big bro actually get used to play with toy cars but he got tired of it. That’s why he was slightly surprised that big bro suddenly asked for a toy car and asked him “didn’t you got tired of it?”. Well, it’s like big bro used to play with his dad, little bro saw them and felt envious. Little bro asked for the toy car to his mom, big bro saw it and felt envious. Big bro asked for toy car (again) to his father, even though he grew tired of them.

        Conclusion: The brothers are excellent toy car customers – ah, I mean, the brothers are “jealous” of each other.

        Solution: Just get the mom and dad marry to each other!!!

        Liked by 3 people

      1. Yeah, I like the author’s ironic twist of Fate. And the brother’s conflict turning full circle back, it really shows their connection towards each other. I guess why I like this is because despite sounding simple (which makes it easy in the eyes), there’s this kinds of twists that you can call fate…


  2. You you is so precious!! For both children it would be interesting to see them do a Parent Trap kind of move and live with each other’s parent to feel that missing love. They are identical twins so it could work if they meet 😀


  3. I WANT TO HUG TWO PAIRS OF THEM (well, thinking carefully, the father-son pair won’t let me, so duh)
    oooooh… Reading this make me feel gentle squezee in my heart.. ah.. i-i can’t handle this…

    Thank you for the chapter ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I want mooooreeeee..(not pressuring the translator. Please translate on your own pace..) Just saying its interesting. ^_^ I love the story and thank you for taking your time to translate and edit.


  5. Aww the feels for the brothers. Poor children. In a twist of fate they seem content with just one parent but deep inside they’re both longing for the parent’s love that they haven’t experienced. Poor kiddos.


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