One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 20: You You is a small warm man

Youyou cutely help her clean up, his small hands are struggling to hold the bowls, but still following closely behind her and want to hide in the kitchen. His heart is a little bit afraid of Yun Li Qin and Yun Na, now that his grandfather is gone. He helped Yun Shishi by wiping the dishes.

At the living room, Yun Na bitterly looking at the two small mother and son in the kitchen and launched a complaint to Yun Li Qin.

“Mother! How could you let them enter the house ah! Originally, I was in a good mood today! Oh, seeing them is a bad luck!”

Yun Li Qin sitting on the sofa, her face doesn’t look so good.

“Hmmp, who knows, ask your father!”

“A slut, a bastard, why do we encounter these two scourge?!”

“Nana, don’t let your dad hear this, ah!  or else he will teach us, mother and daughter a lesson just to help those outsiders. And today you didn’t even witness your dad can be that scary!”

Yun Na got furious when she heard this, “Daddy even help them?”

Yun Li Qin replied in obscured speech: “will he not?!”

Yun Na clenched her fist, coldly hum: “But he is still a cheap bastard, even his father doesn’t want him, right? we don’t know what kind of man her mother hang out with.”

“Oh! You wouldn’t expect a young and unmarried woman, later on, can be such a disgrace!”

Yun Shishi felt her mind spinning and her vision turns dim, her action becomes stiff, her face shows strange tension. Even though the kitchen door is clearly passed across the living room. Those ugly words are truly unbearable!

The sardonic sound in the living room continued, Yun Shishi trying to act calm and maintaining her back straight, suddenly a soft white hand held her arm gently.

Yun Shishi got stunned and look down, she sees Youyou nestled on her side smiling at her, his pair of smart eyes penetrated her complex thoughts.

“Mommy, You You will help you wash the dishes, so we can go home early!”

Then he stood on tiptoe, his two little hands struggling to reach the sink. Yun Shishi got froze for a moment, pursed her lips and thought, with You You she can endure this humiliation again.

Many times before, she really wanted to give up, but life must be shouldered.

They go against her, but still, she listened, endure, and survives. After all, she knew she owed the Yun family, if not for Father Yun, she will not get such a good living conditions, he gave her a home, although this home does not welcome her.

Even if they exclusion her, she doesn’t mind. However,Youyou is a simple child, still very young, she doesn’t want him to experience the same darkness she experienced with those two!

As a mother, she only wants Youyou to have good childhood experiences and memories.

If possible, she doesn’t want step into the Yun house again.


Inside the taxi cab, Youyou is leaning on her, his somewhat weak face buried in her shoulder. Yun Shishi holding tightly his little hand .

For a moment, she suddenly felt some regret. At first, she thought, she shouldn’t have been so selfish. Perhaps, if Youyou stay in that man side, he will have a father, a mother, and will not suffer all these grievances. That family must be very rich, have a big home, and Youyou will experience days full of happiness, right?

But she was reluctant.

Six years of feelings being together, really blood is thicker than water. She can’t give up this lovely sensible child.

“Mommy … …” Youyou obediently did not move, when she leaned on his little shoulder.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 20: You You is a small warm man

  1. What a horrible character Yun ShiShi is! If she truly wanted her child to have “happy experiences” she would not expose him to abusers. If she was a responsible person she’d stop victimizing her son and herself. She’s a fool to keep bringing him in contact with people who she *knows* regularly call YouYou a bastard and strike him. She experienced the same conditions herself there and has had more than YouYou’s 6 years to be realistic and stop accepting abuse. Being grateful to the dickless abstentee Yun Father is ludicrous when he also won’t help either her or her son in such an obvious situation. This is all a pathetic attempt by the author to make readers happy when the rapist male character comes back in to ‘save’ her. What maniac logic is this? The only characterization of Yun ShiShi is beautiful doormat so utterly useless that she relies on a 6 year old to be the grownup. At this point she still dares to use ‘motherhood’ as the excuse to selfishly lock her son into such a circumstance?! In reality abused mothers rarely stay in abusive relationships once they see their children exposed to harm. Her age and unrealistic loyalty are no excuse author! I appreciate your translating efforts no end but this is not a suitable story unless Yun ShiShi developes *much* more as a person. You bare responsibility for passing on an erroneous message that abuse victims need someone else to save them. Think about it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. aren’t we have abuse victims coz they can’t save themselves alone in the first place? no man is an island, right? life is not rainbow, nobody is perfect… this has drama genre… hehehe… thanks for reading and comment ^.^

      Liked by 1 person

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