12 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 21

  1. Oh my, not only the twins, it seemed that both father-son and wife-husband are sharing a telephatic connection. Of course, I’m leaning more to the husband feeling his wife’s suffering but it could also be because he was sensing his sons’ dilemma or both. Anyways, we got a whole family with telephatic ability! 😀 I hope it plays out throughout the story….

    Anyways, thanks for the chap!

    PS: Poor grandpa 😦


    1. The grandpa adopted the wrong girl..He should have adopted ShiShi when he was at the orphanage..he didn’t do a thorough investigation at that time..Anyway, this is how the story goes according to the author..hehehe..I am just waiting for the nest chapter and the time that they will truly meet without any obstacles. By the way, how many chapters is this novel?


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