One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 22: He has a younger brother

Tonight he doesn’t know why his emotions are out of control. In the past, even if he was facing a difficult case in his business development, he was very patient. But today for some inexplicable reason, he’s having a bad mood and even feeling tired.

Then his phone rings.

Mu Yazhe pick up the phone call, then heard Mu Yi Chen’s soft voice: “Daddy … …”

“Mmm? what is it?

“Daddy, my heart hurts… And yesterday I had a dream, a dream of mommy…”

The car stopped.

The car windows rolled down, Mu Yazhe’s complexion darken.”Huh? Mommy?”

Mu Wan Rou?

“It’s not Mommy Wan Rou … … I dream of, there is a beautiful woman crying softly a name, but it’s not my name…. um, I don’t know who is it! Anyway, when I dreamed about her, I feel at ease, felt warm, unlike…”

A young voice paused, but then Mu Yi Chen continues his complained: “but I don’t like Mommy Wan Rou! She’s not gentle, I don’t like her… dad, I don’t want Mommy Wan Rou! I want that dream mommy……”

The little guy cried and seems troubled over there, but playing headstrong.

Mu Yazhe’s face sank, but his voice was unexpectedly gentle: “Little Yi Chen, don’t make trouble, okay? Daddy will immediately come back home and accompany you!”

“Mmm! Daddy, I’ll wait for you!”

The phone hang up, Mu Yazhe’s lips curve a smile in his disbelief.

A person … … would really have a telepathic connection?

The doctor said, Little Yi Chen is a twin, so often produces telepathy between the other twin. However, when the girl gave birth to those two boys, one of them was born alive and the other was dead…

However, he later sent someone to the hospital to find the doctor and nurses involved in the delivery and asked the whereabouts of the child’s body. He wanted to give it a proper burial, but all claims have been processed.

At the beginning, he deeply regrets it not seeing his dead son.However, from the earliest years, Little Yi Chen has been mentioning him, he dreamed he had a brother.

With bright eyes and looks a lot like him. If they were standing in front of the mirror, they will definitely look the same.

He has always been considered it nonsense.

Until one time, Little Yi Chen had a high fever, the family doctor put him in the water to lessen the heat in his body at once, then laid him in bed, he seems in a deep sleep, but constantly calling: “Mommy … … Mommy … …”

Helpless, from attachment, as if he admired Mu Wan Rou.

Although Little Yi Chen usually calls Mu Wan Rou Mommy, but their actually not close.

When he woke up, he cried a lot, Mu Wan Rou wants to hug him, but he immediately stops crying when she moves close.

Then later he started crying again: “Yi Chen has a brother, my brother is sick, Yi Chen felt worried, so worried ah … …”

However, the original younger brother died, so where is his brother?

No one believes his words, just thought that he was, after all, a child.

After that day, Little Yi Chen no longer mentioning him.

Only increasingly alienated Mu Wan Rou.


The next day, still working days.

In the afternoon, every staff was busy doing their own work. However, an unexpected surprise led Yun Shishi to come out from work.

Originally after the lunch break, Yun Shishi intended to hand over to the Minister her business project plan. However, a few men dress rascally made a ruckus  and openly wounded the guards standing at the gate of the company, they went in her department, overturned a row of the tables, and shouting her name.

Their intrusion frightened all the people in the office. Several of her colleagues saw the tattoo on their body and hurriedly squeezed themselves in the corner. They got scared of the atmosphere and did not dare to go out. They heard before that a certain street in the city is doing well in the capital because of a few local ruffians. In the street, those ruffians are quite influential, how could Yun Shishi got involved with these people?

Hi everyone, thanks for continue reading this novel. And also thanks for all the comments and likes, it makes me happy to see that there’re other people enjoying this, even though it’s pretty dramatic. Hehehe ^.^ oh, by the way, sem-break is over woohooo… but honestly, boohooo! no,no,no…give me more time pls! hehe.

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    1. So do I. I really can’t wait for the twins to be reunited n that way the father of the twins can take ShiShi away from those two hags.


  1. Thank you once again for spending your precious time in doing these translatations. And you’re in school too. So you must be busy.


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