17 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 23

  1. Her foster sister n mother are so shameless n I wonder why she n her foster dad refused to give those bitches some home truth…without her sacrificing herself to bail their foster family out they would not be able to re-start their petty lives again instead of trying to be a martyr while she is not in a position to be one.

    I hope when she n her other son meet up, the father of the twins will be able to give some kind of punishment to those petty women n banishes them forever from their lives. Her life is hard enough without those shameless bitches….*Sorry for the B word*…



  2. Arggggggggg!!!! I scream so hard from frustration. I wish I can jump into the story and beat up the stupid sister and her fking mother. Sorry for my foul language.


  3. That family of hers are so annoying. The sister and mother pair always call her shameless and always look down on her (thinking that they are the one who feeds and raise her) when it’s actually them who are shamelessly leeching on her! I mean, that sister is shameless enough to make her pay her own debts!!! If I was the heroine, I would have told them I have no connection with that sister whatsoever and held no responsibility. If they force me, I’ll tell them to see each other at court!


  4. Another makjang element. Lol.
    Money launderers. Check. One of the family members owes money.
    But still this story is addictive.


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