One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 23: Is in trouble

Yun Shishi came back from the Minister’s office, she also got scared in front of those local ruffians, but soon calm down herself.

These local ruffians are very arrogant, they look at her and as they recognized her as Yun Shishi, they came forward, grabbed her arm and dragged her all the way out of her company.

The Ruffian’s Boss mercilessly raised his big hand and gave her a slap in the face. he looked clearly annoyed and angrily shouted at her: “Are you the shameless woman’s sister!?”

Yun Shishi, clutching in her burning cheeks and looked at them, she frowns her eyebrows and started thinking about the words that came out from his mouth: the “shameless girl” refers to who?!

“Hey! Do you know how much money your sister owes brother?” one of the ruffians said while chewing a gum, his eyes glanced up and down in her.

Yun Shishi didn’t dare to move, tightly pursed her lips, kept silent, and her heart quickly sorts out the sequence of events.

Thinking that it might be her Sister Yun Na. She must be insane,owning a huge debt when she has no work and money to pay for it, the family is already in a dire crisis, and so she told her name and her company’s address to these people.

Yun Shishi secretly felt some regret, she was afraid of not being able to contact Father Yun and warn him at work, thinking about this things, she didn’t expect that these people would actually come to her workplace.

However, she is not willing to compromise with them. She has no guts, her life is poor, if she pays her Sister Yun Na’s debts, then Youyou next semester’s tuition will be gone, where will she get it from?

Seeing her not answering, the Ruffian’s Boss got raged, seized her by the collar, snapped a few slapped down her face.

“Are you dumb ah? Talk to me! Damn it!”

“You still don’t want to pay!?” A few hooligans came near her and pushing her many times, some with full of evil eyes looking on her chest, then said, “You also don’t have money, right!? Then, darling, you have to go with us. If you have no money to pay back the debt, there’s always another way!”

Having said that, they thought she looks pretty good. “Anyway, do you have no interest to play with this brother?”

A few ruffian’s eyes showed a malicious smile.

Yun Shishi’s face turn red and said with a little force: “Please put a little respect to your words.”

“Hey! Ha ha! This chick, got a temper!”the ruffian man made a grim smile, then he slapped her face again, “how come your fucking tone is so rampant, ah!? you haven’t paid the money, right!?”

Yun Shishi slowly move back away, quietly touched her hand to get the cell phone in her pocket, but her movement was caught red-handed by a few ruffian men. The ruffian man grips her wrist, taken her mobile phone and throw it into the ground. He stomped his foot on it until it turns into pieces.

She was surprised, her eyes were showing a color of panic.

“Want to call the police? I didn’t think you’re quite smart!”, suddenly he pushed her to sit down on the ground, and  fiercely kick against her shoulder, “Like hell, I’ll let you call the police, ah! I’ll let you call the police!? ”

“Eldest brother! The shameless woman says that….ahmm? This woman has a son, right? as if in which the kindergarten school again?” the ruffian man gave her a significant look.

Yun Shishi suddenly raised her face, subconsciously blurted out: “Don’t! Don’t go trouble yourself! I … I’ll give you the money!”

She has always been very sensible, but whenever Yun Tian You is involved, she always lost her calm.

She hurried went back to the office, her hands are trembling and her eyes got teary when she takes out her bank card…

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Is in trouble

  1. Her foster sister n mother are so shameless n I wonder why she n her foster dad refused to give those bitches some home truth…without her sacrificing herself to bail their foster family out they would not be able to re-start their petty lives again instead of trying to be a martyr while she is not in a position to be one.

    I hope when she n her other son meet up, the father of the twins will be able to give some kind of punishment to those petty women n banishes them forever from their lives. Her life is hard enough without those shameless bitches….*Sorry for the B word*…



  2. Arggggggggg!!!! I scream so hard from frustration. I wish I can jump into the story and beat up the stupid sister and her fking mother. Sorry for my foul language.


  3. That family of hers are so annoying. The sister and mother pair always call her shameless and always look down on her (thinking that they are the one who feeds and raise her) when it’s actually them who are shamelessly leeching on her! I mean, that sister is shameless enough to make her pay her own debts!!! If I was the heroine, I would have told them I have no connection with that sister whatsoever and held no responsibility. If they force me, I’ll tell them to see each other at court!


  4. Another makjang element. Lol.
    Money launderers. Check. One of the family members owes money.
    But still this story is addictive.


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