One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 25: Meeting again

Yun Shishi’s eyes got teary, she doesn’t  know if it’s because of the pain from her wounds or what, she cannot restrain her tears to fall and slide down from her cheeks up to the ground, her too much sadness made her whimper.

She started recalling her life. She grew up wandering from place to place, then later she was brought in the orphanage, and then Father Yun adopted her but his own family doesn’t welcome her.

She has always been in helpless situations, and now she lost her job, She really doesn’t know what to do.

She cried out all her depression from the bottom of her heart. The injustice treatment of life to her for a long time ago adding up the recent events. She’s tired from all of it, it’s too much for her.

Just thinking about she lost her job, and also because of Yun Na’s debt today, she became penniless, now what? What should she do?

Eventually, she is very strong, almost stubbornly strong, even in the face of difficulties, she can solve it alone. No matter how bitter, no matter how tired, and now that there is Youyou to accompany her, she always felt that life is full of hope everywhere.

However, the reality has two sides, black and white!

Youyou always tells her that during the difficult time, just keep smiling. Even a child knows this truth, but she also knows how to do it well!

After remembering Youyou, she couldn’t really stop her tears again!

Yun Shishi felt so embarrassed and cover her cheeks with her hands, she sits on the ground and because of so much sadness, she keeps sobbing!

The Porsche engine stalled and the door opened. A pair of expensive shoe steps on the ground. Mu Yazhe elegantly moves out from his car and closed the door. Not far from him, he saw a woman in a white dress sitting on the ground motionless, her head was downcast and she was covering her face with her hands, her pear flower sized tears keeps falling like rain and looks very poor!

The girl looks very young, about twenty years old or so, looks a bit thin, with a simple dress, her supple black hair was slightly messy and loosely covering her shoulders.

She’s wearing a not eye-catching dress, but it did not lessen her beauty, but rather adds a hint of delicate beauty, that will make one’s heart and soul pity her

Mu Yazhe’s eyes slowly narrow, look deep and secluded. Somehow, this girl, actually lets his heart felt a slight touch, he felt she’s a bit familiar like he has seen her before.

But now she lowered her head, even more, so he can’t clearly see her appearance.

Mu Yazhe was slightly frivolous, approached her, and gracefully squat down in front of her, he slightly moves down, glanced coldly on her knee injury. He sees her white slender legs with a touch of scarlet bright red blood sliding down along her legs.

He stared at her, his eyes looked around her whole body but found no other injuries.

Fortunately, the injury is not serious, just some scraped from her skin, but she’s crying sadly like she had experienced the greatest injustice in the world. He really doesn’t know why exactly she’s crying!

Now with her miserable look, she looks a bit like an abandoned cat!

Mu Yazhe sees her, but not felt moved.

He originally has depressed mood, and with this incident, he felt more and more gloomy. He has the habit of speed racing on a mountain road when he is in a bad mood, he didn’t notice on the way a figure, she looks too thin and fragile in white dressed, he just wildly drives his car all the way, he did not pay attention until he gets close and steps on the brakes at once. Fortunately, there’s no big accident.

Seeing her tears keep flowing in silence, Mu Yazhe doesn’t want to waste more time, he took out his wallet and a few thousand bills, and he hands it over to her expressionlessly.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 25: Meeting again

  1. O.o aiyo…. don’t tell me the parents reunion not going to happen today…. Stupid Mu Yazhe… just dragged he4 to ur home already.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!!! 😀

    Mu Yazhe, you better bring her home now. Little Yi Chen wants to see his mama. xD But seriously, did you really think a few wads of cash is the answer to her worries? (though technically yes, you should be a bit more courteous and ask her what’s wrong!) Sheesh, I hope you have a hard time chasing your wife 😛


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