One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 26: Strange but familiar face

Seeing her tears keep flowing in silence, Mu Yazhe doesn’t want to waste more time, he took out his wallet and a few thousand bills, and he hands it over to her expressionlessly.

For him, using the money to solve the problem, is not an issue.

He just wanted to clean up this accident as soon as possible.

Yun Shishi slightly lifts her eyes, that slender fingers, clear knuckles, flush clean trim nails, ring finger wearing a diamond ring, with just one look,  you’ll be able to recognize that this man has a noble identity.

Seeing his hand giving her money, she couldn’t help but to get surprised and actually forget to cry.

He sees her staring in silence, Mu Yazhe thought she was not satisfied with the amount of money and frown his eyebrows, “Is it not enough?”

He has never seen such a greedy person before. He actually assumed that this girl can’t get over the amount he is giving.

He did not bring too much cash as a habit and just used his cards, so his wallet only has two blocks of thousand yuan, but he thought, isn’t it more than enough to used it to treat her wounds?

Yun Shishi got stunned by his behavior. However, in the eyes of this man, he obviously had changed the meaning of her reactions.

This woman seems to be more greedy than he imagined.

Mu Yazhe smile, his thin lips set off a touch of a cursed arc, he then put out all the cash in his wallet, and whether she want it or not, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to spend more time with her, seeing her without a pocket, he then rolled the money and shoved it into her stacked chest to slightly bully her.

His cold fingertips touch her skin in the chest, his ambiguous movements made Yun Shishi very shocked, she slightly raised her face, though some of her hair covered her eyelids,  she could see the man’s lips with an evil awe-inspiring smile and show a deep meaning .

This handsome man in front of her is very tall and has an appearance of a general  of the gods.

Like a statue of a deity, he has a delicate outline facial features, with a pair of deep phoenix eyes from a prestige emperor, in a glance, one will know that this man causes numbers of terror and like a master of life and death.

His long vertical smile showed no cold temper as if only a flesh traction.

He is looking at her, but his eyes show only mercy.

Mercy? Why is he looking at her with pity?

At that time, her heart felt injustice and her anger pour out in her eyes!

The next moment, she felt even more surprised and agitated. The man took out his signature pen and write a bunch of numbers on her chest. “If it’s not enough, call this number.”

This aggressive behavior, Yun Shishi really wanted to scream!

This action of him, really intended to humiliate her!

“Sir, what do you mean? that you are very rich?” Her eyes were sullen and her voice was furious. “You injured a person, did not apologize, and yet you just want to solve it with money?”

Yun Shishi is not an unreasonable person, she also knew that she is partly at fault for walking absentmindedly and did not look at the traffic lights, but he was so arrogant, shoving a money into her chest? her anger burst!

Therefore, she stared at him coldly. But he didn’t say any more words.

After all, even summer insects cannot break the language of ice!

Yun Shishi pulled out all the money to her chest, she reaches out her other hand to pull his wide palm and shoved the money with forced into his hands!

Yun Shishi raised her face at that moment, her pair of watery mist eyes look straight at him and Mu Yazhe’s cold smile suddenly got stiff, his eyes dilated a bit in his surprise, then deeply narrowed his eyes.

Hi, everyone… thank you for reading and for all your comments and likes. Hahaha I must be crazy for laughing at MYZ’s actions, at least Shishi forgot her problem for a bit, he sure knows how to break an ice. Nyahaha…Well I’m already immune with all the depressing part and just want to know what will happen next. hehe ^.^

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 26: Strange but familiar face

  1. So do I. I can’t for them to interact more with one another n their twins to pull both parents together too.

    Thanking you for your hard work. 🙂


  2. what??? still on going?
    we have to wait really loooooonger to know the happy ending….^=^
    thanks a lot for everyday’s update..””hope more!!!”””


  3. Damn! 1500 chapters? So there’s a lot more twists and turns, misunderstandings between the OTP? I hope YS at least gets the respite from the bullying of evil duo and the bad things associated with her adopted family.


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