One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 27: It turned out to be her

Yun Shishi raised her face at that moment, her pair of watery mist eyes look straight at him and Mu Yazhe’s cold smile suddenly got stiff, his eyes dilated a bit in his surprise, then deeply narrowed his eyes.

The stubborn look on his face faded, a large part of his mind seems not functioning and his thoughts just flew away.

Yun Shishi did not see the changes in his face, her hands casually wiped the moist in her eyes and face,stubbornly said: “Sir, this is also my fault for crossing the road without looking, so you don’t need to take responsibility, and also your charity money, I don’t need them!”

Having said that, she lower her body and started picking up all her stuff that scattered on the ground, she never looked back at him again, as if he did not exist and just went away.

Mu Yazhe recovers his wondering mind and he sees her retreating figure and felt somewhat disappointed.

His stubborn eyes narrowed and keep looking at her and suddenly his thoughts travel back from thousands of miles away!

He vaguely remembers that night, that blindfolded girl beneath him,  who was forced to bear his body.

He still remembers how ferociously he treated her delicate body, that sense of tightness of her felt so suffocating.

He indiscriminately occupied her, watching her beneath him crying miserably made him more excited. He loves watching her crying.

She was such a fragile girl, fragile like a bubble, with a single touch on it, it will be broken.

And that crying blindfolded girl in front of him, carefully maintaining a stubborn face, but still exposed her poor dignity … …

Men easily felt pity for such a girl. Even a cold man’s hearts will soft in the end.

Although he is aloof, but he is no exception.

She was different from other women near him, she was not from a prestigious family, treated others tenderly, outrageously sentimental, she’s not like a ripe fruit, bite it and you will not feel sore.

But why was that innocent girl, accidentally awaken his long-repressed desires.

He constantly wants her tight body, want to touch her until her body was no longer so pure, want to eat her whole, want to tangle up her until the very last minute.

In hindsight, it is a bit scary. Mu Yazhe didn’t think he would be affected by that woman’s spell, unable to control his own consciousness, and made him forget to be merciful

He has always been a man with great self-control. But with her body, he actually couldn’t control himself.

Later that day, he forced himself not to see that girl again, his intuition tells him that she was a dangerous existence.

From an early age, the overlord emperor’s blood flows in his body, he has always been an unruly person, like a free and easy arrogant wind, he domineeringly controls the others, no one can be bound to him.

He doesn’t like the feeling of losing control, whether it is a woman or something else.

He subconsciously resisted this kind of desire.

However … … his body had some fascination with her taste.

Mu Yazhe’s lips hook up and turned to go back to his car, but suddenly, his eyes suddenly caught sight of a card on the ground. He slowly stepped forward to pick up the card, and it turns out that she dropped her identity card.

In her panic, she didn’t realize that her identity card fell to the ground.

Mu Yazhe couldn’t help but laugh, took out his phone.

“Ai Lun, find this person for me.”

“Yes, President, the person’s name is … …”

On the ID card, the girl looks shy, with a warm smile and her pair of eyes are shining like a stream of water, as if they are full of sunlight.

Her eyes shine brightly as if looks stunning all the time.

He said: “Yun Shishi”

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 27: It turned out to be her

  1. Yes, finally… the story getting more interesting. Hohoho 1k plus chapters.. scary….

    Thank you for your hard work.💚💛💜


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Now queue the meeting between Youyou and Yazhe, the possessive lover (Yazhe), the drama (hope it’s not too heavy) and the many chapters of (hopefully) cute romance.


  3. Oh, my, Ai Hrist laoshi, this is great! But… those… Um, “terms” that came in this chapter got my impure mind to think too much


  4. xie xie ni..:P…that’s all I know how to write in English…am ashamed to be called a Chinese descendant…can’t read nor write a single word of it….speaking…what’s that?!!!…heheheh


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