One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 28: Goodbye You You’s dumplings

At this point of time, the kindergarten class was finished, and today Yun Shishi originally intended to pick up Youyou and they will eat his favorite “Crab Dumplings”.

So she told Youyou to wait for her near the school gate.

However, Yun Shishi felt embarrassed to pick up Yun Tian You with her dirty clothes, she rushes back home by taking a taxi cab, change to clean clothes and clean up herself .

So when she arrived at the kindergarten, the class was long finished, so a little boy carrying a small bag was left all alone sitting near the school gate.

Yun Shishi looked far to see the little boy with his head down, his hands seems to be holding something.

Yun Shishi felt depressed and sad, she patted her cheeks, raised a smile and walked towards him.

“You You!”

Youyou looked up and saw her, he instantly showed a bright smile, jumped out of the seat, cheerfully ran to her with open arms and jumping in front of her like a kangaroo.

“Mommy! Hug me! Mommy, hold You You … …”

Yun Shishi slightly lower her body, the little guy flew into her arms at once, like a cotton ball.

He leans and keeps rubbing his little milky face on Yun Shishi’s neck, Youyou pout his lips and ask with a little grievance: “Mommy, why you’re late? Youyou is waiting for a long time … …”

“Sorry Youyou, something happened in the company, so Mommy got here late.”

“Well, about that you have to forgive Mommy!” the little boy lifted his head and showed his charming eyes, which shine brightly like the sun.

Youyou smiled, his small hand pitifully patted his belly, and complained: “Mommy! Youyou is very hungry, Mommy said that today we will eat You You’s favorite dumplings! Are we going now?”

When Yun Shishi heard this, her face slightly darkened, and her heart felt embarrassed.

All her savings on the bank card has been used to pay for Yun Na’s debt.

She got fired today, her manager told her that this month’s wages and performance bonuses will be remitted tomorrow to her bank card, so right now she is penniless.

The crab dumplings Youyou loved the most is too expensive, and she can only afford to buy them on special occasions or if she made a bonus. It’s very rare for her to take Youyou to eat his favorite dumplings.

Yun Shishi’s heart felt bitter, she lifted her eyes to see Youyou, her hand gently pinched his soft cheek, and said: “Youyou today, can we eat at home?”

Youyou’s smile suddenly fade and his face got stiff , he lowered his head, his eyebrows was slightly frown, his small voice whispered: “Mommy you promised me…Mommy said not to speak words … … ”

His hands tightly holding the piece of paper, his little face looks pale and sad, he bites his lips, his thick black eyelashes was contaminated with a bit of water, and his tears started to fall.

Yun Shishi sees the little guy felt wronged and cry, she immediately use her hands to wipe his tears, and said: “Youyou don’t cry ah! if Mommy promised you something, Mommy will definitely do it!”

Youyou gently look at her, it seems his disappointment lessen.

Yun Shishi gritted her teeth and hesitated for a long while, after all, she does not intend to tell him that she got fired from her work. But she doesn’t want to leave a bad impression on the child’s heart.

“I’m sorry, Youyou. Today, Mommy  … … lost her job, so … …”

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 28: Goodbye You You’s dumplings

  1. I wonder why YSS choose not to stand up for herself when it come to her foster mom n sister instead of, letting them bullying her to this extend. Why did her son YY has to suffer because of those two selfish mother n daughter???

    Thank you very much..


  2. I stumbled upon this blog by chance and was hooked. Thank you for your hardwork in translating this book. I can’t wait for the next chapter.


  3. T_T waaa…. YouYou soo pity… wonder if his twin feel sad and want to eat crab dumplings too…
    Thank you for your hard work…


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