19 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 29

  1. Wait… She’s not just the fiancee but the wife now?
    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk *cough*
    Ugh, I want our girl to be the wife T.T
    No angsty catfights :c


    1. I think it’s unbelieveable in real life for rape victim married her raper. Well, i going to see how yun shishi solve her trauma


      1. Well, that’s kinda true. But there are also cases of stockholm syndrom as well where I remember the woman developing affections for the guy that kidnapped her (and I think several other women?) and rapes them. She even get pregnant with a child. Reality is weirder than fiction.

        Also, its not really exactly “rape” because she consented to it. She sold herself and there’s the contract. The problem was that he was merciless and cold with her so it became a traumatic experience. There’s also the thing she couldn’t see anything so that added to the scare factor.


  2. Waow… what a REALLY BAD ASSISTANT. Cant he see? is he blind? like WTH, the ‘PRESIDENT’ orders him to investigate a woman, and then he just lets the ‘wannabe-wife’ look at it? loyalty in the wrong place or just a fucktard?

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    1. LOL XD I doubt the assistant wanted the b**** playing housewife to go looking into the files, but because she has a higher status than him, he can’t speak out. Like, if a master’s wife acts up, a servant won’t tell her to stop because he knows that he’ll get punished for speaking out against someone above his station.

      But I get what you mean! I really wanted him to coldly look her in the eyes as he ruthlessly slaps her hand away and be like “did I say you could touch those?!” LOL That would be so satisfying 😀


  3. Fire the assistant..Fiancee or wife to be or not…the assistant should not just let others looking into your President’s things of files….he is a bad assistant…what more, what MWR doing in his office in the first place when MYZ is not there….???



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