One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 30: Mu Wan Rou’s secret

Ai Lun did not answer, so Mu Wan Rou ignored him, she is the president’s wife now, the Mu family’s madame, her husband’s things are her things too, right? So she carefully took it out.

Ai Lun is Mu Yazhe’s right-hand man, so he wants to act firmly, not to mention, investigating only a mere civilian. He had finished gathering all the information clearly within the day he started the investigation and sent it to the president’s office, but he didn’t expect to bump with Mu Wan Rou. In front of Mu Wan Rou, he’s merely a subordinate so he cannot say anything or stop her.

A thick stack data are indeed very complete and illustrated well.

Mu Wan Rou turned each page and saw the information, from family background, graduate schools, work experience, etc. All these are clearly listed .

She also got surprised, this is obviously an ordinary girl. She doesn’t know why Mu Yazhe intended this girl to be investigated. However, as she takes a look at the information more, the more she feels something is wrong.

“Yun Shishi!” the name gave a faint impression in her mind, but she cannot remember very clearly until she browses the information more, her face suddenly change.

This girl turned out to be the surrogate mother six years ago?! No wonder she felt that the name is somewhat familiar. Six years ago, she and Mu Yazhe were engaged but she was infertile, so they agree for surrogacy, then Chairman Mu Sheng selected a girl for them to surrogate.

Mu Wan Rou’s heart felt some doubts and uneasiness, she cannot understand why Mu Yazhe investigate this girl?

The Information showed that Yun Shishi actually has a six-year-old son, named Yun Tian You.

Yun Tian You …

Six years old … … same age as Yi Chen?

Mu Wan Rou slowly squinted her eyes, she still remembered that the girl was pregnant with identical twins, but because it is premature delivered, the older brother robbed of the nutrients in his younger brother so it was born without breathing, and was declared dead.

Her heart suddenly made a bad premonition. She quickly turned a few more pages, dug out more information, she carefully read them all, finally, her palms have become colder and her heart felt a burst of anger.

There is also a stack of photos inside, she busily taken out all the photos one by one, after a few more turned she saw a photo of a beautiful boy, the background is in the kindergarten.

That handsome features, beautiful contour, and the appearance look exactly the same as Little Yi Chen, she finally confirmed her conjecture!

Her fingertips suddenly tighten, and the picture was distorted.

Mu Wan Rou bite her lips!

The child did not die?

Or in the past six years, that woman has been hiding the child!?

Mu Wan Rou’s heart felt in panic and sprang a burst of chills.

That woman, called Yun Shishi what is she thinking? The child clearly did not die, why did she not tell us? Or that, she would also like to take custody of the child?

Perhaps … … Is her ambition more than that? Does she want to use this child, to enter the Mu Family?

After all, she is the real mother of these two children!

And she, although today was admired by many for being the President Mu’s wife, but these two are not her children!

Since ancient times, a mother with sons is always a big obstacle!

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 30: Mu Wan Rou’s secret

  1. Seriously, is she married to the guy yet or is it just her believing they are already married? She is seriously getting on my nerves. She better not plan on kidnapping the little angel. Thanks for the chapter though.


  2. what the heck: Mu Wan Rou basically stole Yun Shishi’s life and she doesn’t even remember the time when she did it in the orphanage. She’s the parasite here and she’s practically accusing Yun Shishi of trying to steal her place as the wife. >:[

    this woman is going to get some divine retribution for all of the bad karma she’s accumulated since her youth as a demon child to a devil woman


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