One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 31: Buried secret for many years

Since ancient times, a mother with sons is always a big obstacle!

Mu Wan Rou’s face gradually getting paler, her fingertips are slightly trembling. Ai Lun who’s standing aside saw her face looking a little strange, carefully ask: “Madame, is there something wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Mu Wan Rou pretended to be calm but pulls out another photo, her burning eyes were staring at it closely as if her stares wanted to dig out a hole in the student’s photo!

In the photo, a girl wearing a bachelor clothes was standing in front of the University, showing a bright gentle smile. Mu Wan Rou was stunned in this sudden phenomenal, she pulls out another photo of Yun Shishi, she suddenly remembered the Little Shishi she knows, although she doesn’t have much resemblance to her. But then, this face leave an indelible impression on Mu Wan Rou’s heart!

Is … … it her!?

Impossible! such coincidence!

Mu Wan Rou could no longer cover up the panicked look on her face, she moves aside the photos, and carefully look again the information of Yun Shishi in her hands. Previously she did not care, so she swept past ten pages on the front page of the investigation, but now, she almost read all the previous pages word for word.

Until her eyes rested on a word “orphanage”, she was so stunned and upset!

“She ……”

Mu Wan Rou’s eyes tightly stare at the information, but unable to say a coherent statement. Ai Lun sees her eyes in a daze and glancing at the information. He mistakenly thought that she did not understand them, so he explain for her .

“Yun Shishi, biological parents were unknown, no trace of past life experience, she was already eight years old when she was sent to the orphanage, nine years old when adopted by the Yun family, twenty-three years old when graduated at St. Laurence Women’s University and six years ago, she was your surrogate girl.”

“Orphanage … …”

Mu Wan Rou’s face looks so pale, her heart palpitates when her memories come flying back to the first time she sees her that day … …


Fifteen years ago.

At St. Teresa Orphanage

That time, Mu Wan Rou was nothing but an orphan to be adopted. Because of her lovable face, she was loved by many in the orphanage, treated like a princess and many children are willing to play with her.

Although the orphanage’s surface look harmonious, but the treatment to the children are not the same. Every day someone will adopt a child to the orphanage, a baby or a child who looks good or well-behaved have the opportunity to be adopted more easily.

However, the young Mu Wan Rou has an unyielding ambition since childhood.

Her mother was a bar masseuse, her identity was very cheap, she gave birth to her and left her near the hospital door, she was picked up by a pair of poor couples, after several years of poor days. A car accident happened, so she was once again become an orphan and was sent to the orphanage. From that day on, she told herself that she will have a better life and be adopted by a wealthy family!

On this day, an eight-year-old girl was sent to the orphanage, they heard her mother died.

The girl’s dress and body were very dirty but she still looks very beautiful. Mu Wan Rou saw she has a jade pendant and it looks so expensive, she had planned since then to take it and made it like her own when that girl went to sleep.

When the girl woke up and found out that her jade pendant was gone, she started crying and making troubles, but Mu Wan Rou has a great prestige to other children at that time, so no one believes that Mu Wan Rou stole that jade from that girl.

Until one day, an old man who seemed to be a rich man came to the orphanage and called her up.


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