One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 32: Robbing the Granddaughter’s identity

Until one day, an old man who seemed to be a rich man came to the orphanage and called her up.

The old man took out his jade pendant, it actually looked exactly the same and they are fitted together.

She didn’t know that there was another pair. The old man believed her lies that this jade pendant was left by her mother and took her back to the Mu Mansion. He named her Mu Wan Rou and when she turned 14 years old, she got engaged to Mu Yazhe.


At the President’s Office, Mu Wan Rou got slumped on the couch as she recalled those memories and slowly put her hand that is dripping with cold sweat!

Her other hand was tightly gripping that stack of thick information, she couldn’t restrain her trembling fingertips and her heart went in panic.

She really couldn’t guess, why Mu Yazhe ordered Ai Lun to check this information? Did he suspect something? Did he doubt the origin of her identity? Did he suspect that Grandfather Mu brought back someone else?

Mu Wan Rou thinks some more possible situations, her heart could not help but jump.

In fact, she stole that piece of jade pendant from the hands of Yun Shishi. She grew up in the orphanage and because she looks sweet and cute, she was loved by many and she always wins the masses heart.

At that early age, she hasn’t seen so many beautiful things, so when she saw that girl’s beautiful jade pendant, her heart felt greed, she unconsciously stole it.

After Little Shishi found out that she had stolen it, she had confronted her. But inside the orphanage, who will testify for Little Shishi that it is her own thing? And because of this ruckus, she “framed” Little Shishi as the thief. Little Shishi was severely punished by the dean and hit her hands with a board, that made Little Shishi cried for several nights because of the pain.

However, she did not expect that this piece of jade pendant will turn their life experience.

Fifteen years ago, by mistake, Chairman Mu Sheng brought her back to Mu family’s house and changed her name.

And about the origin of jade pendant, Chairman Mu Sheng has always been silent about it and only said to her that it is her mother’s belonging.

When they got back to Mu Mansion, both the jade pendants were taken to Chairman Mu Sheng and he kept it close with him. He was often seen staring at those jade pendants and seems to be thinking someone.

When she had aged a little, Chairman Mu Sheng will occasionally mention a woman to her. She learned that the woman was originally Chairman Mu Sheng’s Adopted eldest daughter, but didn’t say much about her, it seems he deliberately concealing something.

Since then, she became the beloved granddaughter of the Mu family, grew up bounded by so much love, and then she was engaged to his first grandson, Mu Yazhe.

From the beginning to the end, she did not mention the true origin of the jade pendant, she also intends to hide it forever. If she confessed everything, then it means that she would lose all this glory and wealth, lost her position as Madame of Mu Family and lost …… Mu Yazhe.

She’s unwilling! She is not willing to let go, she doesn’t have intentions to return all this to the original owner!

She admits that this is selfishness. For that girl, this is too unfair, but she does not regret it, and now that she has all of this, greed has made her lose herself.

At first, she also felt some guilty conscience and some fear for the Mu family. After all, all these things don’t belong to her but belong to that girl called Little Shishi.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Robbing the Granddaughter’s identity

  1. Congrats. Since the day, you’re heart settled on something that was not rightfully yours, you were sentenced to a life of doom. Honestly.


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