One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 34: Keeping the secret

In recent years, she considered that her secret was not yet exposed. Moreover, she has the DNA test result as her”evidence”, they don’t have a reason to doubt her.

Mu Wan Rou immediately denied her speculation, her heart that is hanging high like a stone did not fall.

Is it because of that child? Did Mu Yazhe know that the child did not die, but was secretly hidden by that woman? Did he suspect her ill intentions to the Mu family, so he started investigating her origin?

It must be because of this reason!

Mu Wan Rou suddenly looked up, pretending to look calm in front of Ai Lun, and said: “Don’t mention to anyone that I saw this information. You did not see anything!”

Ai Lun got a little stunned, obviously, he doesn’t know the purpose of her warning, that she had seen the investigation about Yun Shishi, the orphanage and Yun Tian You, Mu Wan Rou coldly said: “Don’t mention even a tiny bit information about the child to the president! Including that woman’s past! And also, you’re not allowed to mention that this woman was from the orphanage. You got that?”

Ai Lun stared at her, “… …”

Seeing him not responding, Mu Wan Rou’s tone got even colder: “You, did you hear what I said!?”

Ai Lun did not answer her question again, his boss is President Mu Yazhe. Although Mu Wan Rou is the President’s wife and is the manager of the Ministry of Personnel, he didn’t need to obey her orders. The president ordered him to investigate these things, he has the responsibility to follow his command.

Mu Wan Rou was able to read what is in his mind, she loudly sneers: “What? do you think you are the President’s personal staff? So you don’t need to listen to me? You think I, the personnel manager cannot cut off your head?! ”

She sneered once again and stood up, approached him, look at him from head to toe. Ai Lun felt her stare was like acupuncture needles, listening to her words made his heart felt disturbed: “Even if I don’t have that much power in the Emperor Sheng Foundation, but think about it, I still have ways to corner you!”

Ai Lun was stunned and can’t lift his eyes to look at her.

“This matter, you just need to shut your mouth, you got that?!” She ordered.

He was silent for a long time, slowly gasping for breath, and nodded with hesitation.



Mu Yazhe came back to the office and Mu Wan Rou felt some guilt to leave.

She must completely witness this matter and find ways to prevent the development of this situation!

Mu Yazhe is her man, she cannot give any woman a chance!

Ai Lun is a loyal subordinate to Mu Yazhe, but he also knows that Mu Wan Rou relied on the love of Chairman Mu Sheng, he dared not want to offend the Chairman.

So when Mu Yazhe went back to the office and glanced a little to the information above the table, he felt some suspicion on Ai Lun’s stiff body.

In his urgent gaze, Ai Lun calmly responded: “President, Yun Shishi is indeed the surrogate girl six years ago.”

“Hmm?” Mu Yazhe’s cold eyes turn even colder, suddenly asked slowly, “Is there something suspicious about her?”

“Replying back to the president, None.” Ai Lun recalled Mu Wan Rou’s warning and her sharp gaze.


Mu Yazhe did not delve himself too much into this matter and decided to put it aside.

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One thought on “Chapter 34: Keeping the secret

  1. So he will pursue her not because of the child she kept hidden but because he’s really attracted to her. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to be obsessed with YS.


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