One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 35: Welcome back

Yun Shishi was now under the hardship of life, she was so anxious to seek for an employment. She also realized that she lost her identity card, which simply adds more fuel to her worries .

At the Police Station, Yun Shishi still needs to get back the next day for the replacement of her lost identity card. But those police staffs are too lazy, they repeatedly delayed the processing of her ID. It seems they did not take her request seriously, always making up excuses or tricks.

Her temporary ID for two weeks didn’t bring her any good results, she nearly broke out her anger inside the police station.

She was interviewed several times by different companies nowadays, but because she has no identification card to show, they refused to hire her.

Yun Shishi did not mention to Father Yun the actual reason for her dismissal in the company. Although Father Yun did not know the reason, he did not say anything, and just gave her a money for their living expenses.

Because of this, she was able to return the money she borrowed to her good friend Xiao Xue, she who generously lend her a sum of money to help her through the immediate dilemma that had happened.

Xiao Xue is her dear friend, her best friend since high school, but they are more like sisters.

At the time that Yun Shishi got pregnant and gave birth spread around the campus, and everyone suspected that she was impregnated by the owner of the University. Only Xiao Xue did not believe those pregnancy rumors and maintain their friendship.

Originally they agreed to study abroad together. And because of the Yun family’s predicament, Yun Shishi did not go with her. Xiao Xue simply hated her once and ignored her.

Finally, their misunderstanding was resolved.


Now that Xiao Xue had returned to the country. Yun Shishi together with Youyou waited for her arrival at the airport to welcome her.

As soon as Xiao Xue sees her, she embraced her tightly and her tears start falling.

For three years of separation, Yun Shishi cannot help her eyes to get teary, she was deeply touched and she misses her best friend so much.

Xiao Xue was about to complain because she had broken her promise, but then her eyes slip a glanced on Yun Shishi’s side, suddenly she saw a Little boy standing beside her.

The moment Xiao Xue saw him her eyes suddenly got widened and started sparkling. She didn’t even blink for a long time, she was so surprised to see such a lovely Little boy.

Although she saw a lot of handsome men during her trip abroad, but still her glimpse to this Little boy’s beauty in just a few seconds sends an instant kill arrow through her heart!

Especially, his eyes that are clear as water, his warm and soft smile, simply made Xiao Xue’s heart melt!

“Oh! My god! This little guy is really cute!”

Xiao Xue squatted down and pinched his white cheeks, she really cannot help but imagine, her hugging him into her arms so tightly .

She asked Yun Shishi, “Eh? Shishi, is he your younger brother?”

Yun Shishi smiled, then explained: “No! To tell you honestly, He is Yun Tian You, my son.” then she said to Youyou, “Youyou, She is Mommy’s best friend that I mentioned to you before, Aunt Xiao Xue.”

Xiao Xue face instantly solidified, and replied with astonishment: “What? What did you say?”

Youyou gently smile, and replied: “Hello! Aunt Xiao Xue, She is my Mommy, my name is Yun Tian You, Aunt Xiao Xue you can call me You You.”

Son? Mommy? Is there a mistake …

Xiao Xue instantly became dumbfounded, she looks at them back and forth to compare, those tender pink lips and faint dimples are indeed looked exactly the same as Yun Shishi.

She had always thought that Yun Shishi’s pregnancy was just rumors, she did not consider it as truth, and somehow she doesn’t know how to digest it!

What’s this? This is not right! How come the child looked like a six or seven years old. Right, time to calculate……. What? When he was born it was almost years ago before I went abroad!

Yun Shishi helplessly laughs: “It’s a long story, let’s eat first.”

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