One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 36: Universal Entertainment

Yun Shishi helplessly laughs: “It’s a long story, let’s eat first.”

Xiao Xue nodded, she reserved a private room and brought them to her favorite restaurant.

After the meal, Xiao Xue earnestly dragged her inside the bathroom to ask her about what had happened. Yun Shishi doesn’t want to deceive her, but still, she explained to her with simple phrases. She doesn’t want to get to the bottom of this events.

Xiao Xue felt an extreme distressed after listening to her story.

“You know, your Stepmother is a beast! I also felt it strange, six years ago you mentioned that your father’s business went bankrupt and he owed large debts, but after a year everything was paid off. I have never thought that you have to pay so much … But why? … … ”

Yun Shishi faintly smiled and said: “Gratitude, isn’t it? Moreover, it was in the past now. It is for Father Yun, I want to repay him for raising and taking care of me.”

In the orphanage, she’s always having a hard time, she suffered a lot of bullying, in Yun Shishi’s heart, it was a nightmare. If Yun Yecheng did not adopt her, she’s afraid that her fragile cannot afford those humiliations and hardships.

And even now, Yun Yecheng had given her a father’s love.

Furthermore, although giving birth to Youyou that time gave her a lot of difficulty and suffering. But now if you mention it, she felt no pain. To have such a lovely son like Yun Tian You is the greatest gift of God, she had to be grateful!

After six years, those deep memories has faded.

“Then … …” Xiao Xue is afraid of her sensitive side, and carefully mentioned, “Are you not scared if Yun Tian You’s biological father take him away?”

Yun Shishi eyes got blurred for a moment, and tried remembering that man: “I will keep Youyou’s existence a secret, I will not talk about him, no one can take away Youyou!”

Who is Youyou’s father? she doesn’t know, she’s not interested to know, she has nothing to do with him.

Youyou is her beloved baby, she will not allow anyone to take him away! Even if it is his own father!

Seeing her seems reluctant to explain further, Xiao Xue no longer asked, her face then exposed an envious expression: “It’s good ah! there is such a million cases of lost son!”

Back in the private room, she could not help but to walk towards Youyou, pinching his little face, and said: “Youyou, your smile is so cute!”

With that, she tried coaxing the child, “Youyou, what do you think? Aunt Xiao Xue will take you to eat delicious foods and play with you to have fun!”

Youyou put down the tea in his hands, elegantly wipes the tea cup edge with his finger, and smile: “Aunt Xiao Xue, Mommy told me not to go with strangers, or else I’ll be abducted!”

Xiao Xue froze: “… …”


During the dinner, Xiao Xue suddenly asked her: “Shishi, you look so beautiful, have you ever thought about entering Universal Entertainment?”

“Universal Entertainment?”

Yun Shishi got surprised and frown her eyebrows, Xiao Xue gave a look of contempt and stared at her.

“Universal Entertainment is preparing to make a movie, they will hold a nationwide audition for the heroine, you can go and try. After all, acting has been your dream ah!”

Yun Shishi slowly smiled.

She was a graduate student of media art department, going into the entertainment industry, is just one step away.

Because of struggles in life, she gave up this dream.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know Universal Entertainment ah! Universal Entertainment is the top entertainment industry within Asia and even one of the world’s top 100 business empire ah!”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Universal Entertainment

  1. Oooh, an acting route~ And gods, this story is full of angst. Or more like, alll my rage is directed to that Rou girl. I won’t bother remembering the name the grandfather gave her, cause that isn’t even real anyway. Her entire life is fake. She should just be forever called Rou, like back in the orphanage.


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