One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 37: Heroine selection

“Don’t tell me you don’t know Universal Entertainment ah! Universal Entertainment is the top entertainment industry within Asia and even one of the world’s top 100 business empire ah!”

When it comes to Empire’s consortium, Xiao Xue showed her longing eyes. “Emperor Sheng Foundation can be said to be the financial core of the overlord businesses! Just think about it, ah! Now big companies are in financial turmoil, but the Emperor Sheng Foundation is standing firm and not even got affected! Moreover, the President is also a romantic figure! Young, dignified and rich. How many ladies do you think are flocking over him!? With such a tough backing from Emperor Sheng Foundation, surely Universal Entertainment has a leading position in the entertainment industry!”

Occasionally a glimpse of Emperor Sheng’s President can be seen on television, Xiao Xue then suddenly opened up her smartphone in front of Yun Shishi, she cannot wait to give her eighteen generations of ancestral gossips about him.

Yun Shishi is not very interested in these, but she interrupted her: “What do you say? these are his miracles!?Why are you exaggerating?”

“I can say that you’ve seen too little about the world, right? All the people in capital knows how prominent the position of Emperor Sheng’s President is! You may not know the mayor here, but how can you not know Emperor Sheng’s President, ah?”

Xiao Xue then mysteriously whispered: “Say ah!, I heard a rumor that even an important national government officials, must give Emperor Sheng’s President a few minutes of his time!”

Xiao Xue paused, her face then reveals all her admiration, “To be honest, as far as I know, The President of the Emperor Sheng Foundation social status value is incalculable. But if one may guess, he is worth tens of billions or thousands of millions. This man behind the media is so mysterious, what to do, ah?! He is too mysterious … … ”

“Our topic has gone far away, right?” Yun Shishi sips a mouthful amount of her coffee.

Xiao Xue shakes her head helplessly: “Shishi, this will be the beginning of your dream, don’t give up!”

“Acting was really my dream.” Yun Shishi felt helplessness, closed her eyes, “But … …”

One time, there was a drama audition for the leading lady in their University, her mentor recommended her as an actress, this will be a good opportunity, but she did not grab it.

That year the film become popular from north to the south area of the campus, all the team members became popular.

Xiao Xue said: “Universal Entertainment has always put a great importance to the talent, as long as you have the talent, you will be valued. Hey … … I do originally want to try, but unfortunately, my beauty is lacking, ah! However, Shishi, rather than you applying for some small companies, it would be better if you will give it a try. You are so talented, don’t waste it, I believe you can do it!”

Xiao Xue confidently gave her an encouragement.

Universal Entertainment … Emperor Sheng Foundation?

She doesn’t know why mentioning these five words, she felt her eyes become powerful.

Right now, The Universal Entertainment film industry launched a movie title “Green Fruit” and they will select a heroine.

Not only the original novel has occupied the youth novel list champion for three consecutive years, but it is also reported that the movie auditions lineup is quite impressive! The youth novel is known as the “Originator of Slander.”

The person that will direct this film is no other than the Gold Winner Award for Best Director Lin Fengtian, and the leading actor is determined to be the Superstar Gu Xingze.

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