One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 39: Applying as an Artist Assistant

Yun Na urge:”Dad! Other people said the world is in chaos! Bad guys are everywhere. In fact, as long as you have a firm point, who’s afraid to go on crooked ways?”

Yun Li Qin also said: “Yea! my Daughter has a point ah! She rarely has a filial piety, She wants to make money and give us honor, should we not support her?”

Yun Li Qin who is so proud of the glory of women put all her support on Yun Na. She is willing to wait helplessly for her to climb high, to rise, to become a big Star in Entertainment Industry.

Yun Na has a different thought, but in the end, they are a mother and daughter pair so obviously they have the same feathers, hypocrisy, and false vanity. They are only willing to go in a sweet path and refused the bitter path in life .

She usually pays attention to the entertainment headlines, so she sees those actresses becoming popular as they walked on a red carpet at the International Film Festival, She’s so envious!

Yun Na could also see those women who tried marrying popular actors and become popular themselves too, She got very jealous of them!

In her mind, She could also step into their circle and will be able to climb the riches and honor!

“If you like … … then you go! You are not a child anymore, since you have your own plans, go and try it. But, don’t blame me that I did not warn you. You have no social experiences in those circle! Dad is old now, and has no ability to protect you from that! At that time, do not blame me for being a useless father.”


Late at night.

Youyou climbed to his bed, while Yun Shishi was still sitting in front of the computer and looking for online recruitment site. Originally she had wanted to go to the Department of Finance, but got stumbled in media art department. In the media art field, you need to be quite talented and have a unique appearance or else you will be nothing.

Unconsciously, she clicked on the Universal Entertainment’s official web site. The luxurious atmosphere of their site stumbled upon her eyes. The audition about the “Green Fruit’s heroine” national selection occupy the headlines.

The film investment system is huge, if a newly actress can get this opportunity, surely she will become famous and can be considered a “Star” in the entertainment circle.

Being a “Star” means you have a high talent fee.

Yun Shishi was not tempted. She looked at their recruitment bulletin board and saw that they are in need of Artist Assistant, she made up a decision to apply for that job.


After a few days.

In the morning, she got her ID card and sent Youyou to the kindergarten. Then she made a detailed resume, took a taxi and go to the Universal Entertainment.

Early Morning, the air is filled with fresh grass fragrance.

At the Universal Entertainment Company, Yun Shishi was so surprised to see the long line up for the audition. Yun Shishi had never seen such a shocking scene, her heart felt scared.

Is the artist assistant recruitment has so many competitors candidates too?

She can’t help but asked herself. After all, she discovered that this “Green fruit” heroine selection has a massive number of candidates.

In addition to those people who dreamed of becoming a star, a large number of hard-core fans of Gu Xingzue also hurriedly came over to participate in the selection. He has been identified as the Male Lead Actor. Luckily, the Director decided to enable a new actress to be cast, so the crew had begun a nationwide audition. A short commercial for the audition had been broadcast in all the Universities, and become a big sensation.

But even if the crew did not make this commercial, Gu Xingze’s popularity alone attracts a lot of college students.

And also during the weekend, a news spread that superstar Gu Xingze will visit the selection site, all his hardcore fans from local and abroad heard this and come flying. Some of them just want to see him and some really want to try the auditions.

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