One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 40: Massive Auditions

And also during the weekend, a news spread that superstar Gu Xingze will visit the selection site, all his hardcore fans from local and abroad heard this and come flying. Some of them just want to see him and some really want to try the auditions.

Gu Xingze’s bursting popularity is unexpected to the crew, they ordered the bodyguards to maintain his area clear, but they cannot withstand the aggressive army of fans.

Different promotional banners of him and the auditions was hung outside the building of Universal Entertainment.

The whole Universal Entertainment seems to be crowded because of Gu Xingze’s fans keeps entering the building.

The Universal Entertainment is styled with a large grand entrance, the parking area was full of cars, and a few luxury car were parked too.

A small car was currently parked near the entrance. There were three men inside dressed in simple clothing,  watching the bustling flow of people, most of those people are young and beautiful female students.

These people are rushing to participate in the audition, all are dressed gorgeously, wanting to get the director’s attention.

“Hey! Look, those female students are pretty good ah! You see that girl wearing a white skirt, she’s quite good, don’t you think she’s similar to Yin Xiachun, our novel’s heroine?”

“Mmm! How about that girl wearing a black dress? I think that little girl is quite well prepared, certainly she must have read the original screenplay! But in the novel, during our heroine’s school stage for the first time, Yin Xiachun is not wearing a black dress, right? ”

“The girl looks pretty good, but I think her … … height is not enough … …”

These little assistants were looking towards the direction of the Universal Entertainment entrance as if they were like an explorer, mumbling and gesturing their hands. They are looking back from time to time to the man that is wearing a white shirt, but this man kept his head down and only looking at those registration forms, he sweeps those 2 inches colored photos and speed reading the information. He seems to be a little interested.

“Boring.” Lin Fengtian, suddenly throw those registration form, he’s too lazy to look at all of them.

“Director Lin? What’s the matter?”

Lin Fengtian bow down his head and light up his cigarette, his tone is neither warm nor cold. “There’s no one I want.”

“Huh?!” The little assistant got surprised and his tongue-tied. Lin Fengtian is the Leading Youth Director of the country. Every movie he directed has always attracted the youth like a magnet.

One of his greatest works was, “I heard that love came back” a classic movie that competes with the Hollywood blockbuster.

He was able to make so many classic movies because his enthusiasm in work was harsh.

Today in Entertainment Industry, the movie is no longer simply an art but  was now driven by commercial considerations, many directors have gradually deviated from the main theme of the film, but Lin Fengtian is not the same.

Everyone has experienced his harsh critics in the art of film, particularly in casting the characters.

Early on, he spends a big amount of money to bought the rights to the novel adaptation, he is so obsessed with the plot of this novel.

“Green fruit” is about people’s deep support for forbidden love. The Female Lead Yin Xiachun and The Male Lead Yin Dongyu are half brother and sister, they have the same mother. These two has grown up close together, that gradually produced forbidden feelings between siblings.

Love and hate entangled, the emotional connection between the two will be the center of concern of the movie.

Yin Dongyu will be played by Gu Xingze, Director Lin Fengtian choose Gu Xingze not because of his skyrocket popularity, but because he felt Gu Xingze and Yin Dongyu’s characteristics are the same.

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