One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 41: She is “Yin Xia Chun”

Yin Dongyu will be played by Gu Xingze, Director Lin Fengtian choose Gu Xingze not because of his skyrocket popularity, but because he felt Gu Xingze and Yin Dongyu’s characteristics are the same.

And Yin Xiachun role is the most difficult to find.

Yin Xiachun is a good, simple, sentimental, immature, cute, and playful girl.

Since childhood, Yin Dongyu has always been carefully guarding her, so there will be some otherworldly innocence. These temperament of Yin Xiachun are very difficult to portray. Even if a person has a long history of theatrical play, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she share the same characters.

Lin Fengtian got depressed, even though these people look beautiful, but they are not his ideal “Yin Xiachun”.

While Lin Fengtian is having a headache, his little assistant suddenly exclaimed. “Director Lin look, hurry! At the other side, that girl wearing a white dress, she looks like Yin Xia Chun, ah!”

He looked at the direction where his little assistant pointed out, he couldn’t help but get startled, then his body excitedly leaned forward.

In the morning with light wind, a charming petite figure is standing quietly near in front of the gate. A beautiful girl like this standing close with those young female students, all of a sudden she attracted the three men inside the car.

“Wow … …” the little assistant release a deep breath, he had never seen such a young girl.

This girl looks young and very sentimental.

She’s wearing a clean dress, revealing her white, flawless and delicate arms, shoulders and neck. This girl looks so pure, beautiful and lovely.

The simple dress she’s wearing gave an ultimate beauty in her body, she looks like an ancient immortal woman, that made people can’t avert their eyes.

She’s not as sexy as those other young female students. Her thin body looks like you’re pinching a water.

However, despite this, everyone can’t turn their sight away from her .

They don’t know why she’s dressed so ordinarily, after all at the entrance, there are so many bustling gorgeous girls.

Lin Fengtian squinted his eyes and thought, In this world, there is such a lovely creature?

His heart burst with excitement, he couldn’t help but pick up the telescope beside him.

The girl standing near in front of the entrance is carrying a small handbag, her loose black hair that scattered on her shoulders emits a touching gloss like a moonlight. Her soft bangs fit perfectly with her beautiful face.

Those white jade-like face and little red cheeks of her look very charming.

Her long and thick curled eyelashes are fluttering like butterfly wings. Her pink lips are like fresh petals, looks tender and lovely.

Yun Shishi lowered her head and got worried about her application, suddenly she frown her eyebrows and lifted her eyes to look around, she felt as if there was someone who has been staring at her.

She realized that it was coming from a small car not so far from her, she suddenly turns back and slowly left. Lin Fengtian who’s having his deep analyzation, got snapped in surprise!

Her pair of black watery eyes looks beautiful, quietly glittering, reflecting like a bottomless well.

The girl in their sight unexpectedly felt at loss, in her panic, she clenches her hands to her handbag tightly, bit her lips, and walks away slowly.

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