One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 42: So close

The girl in their sight unexpectedly felt at loss, in her panic, she clenches her hands to her handbag tightly, bit her lips, and walks away slowly.

Precisely, her feminine expression looks so natural, that made people think that she is so lovely!

Yin Xiachun!

Lin Fengtian suddenly clap his hands!

This girl is simply a living Yin Xia Chun, ah!

Lin Fengtian excitedly discarded his telescope, and said: “That girl, what is her university? She has no application, right? Find out her name and sent her a direct notice for an interview!”


Lin Fengtian look up and see his little assistant’s confused eyes.

“We can directly get off to the car and invite that girl to participate in the audition, we don’t need to check her out.” the little assistant sigh, this famous director is too excited and can’t think straight?

Lin Fengtian frown his forehead:”Oh, right! Why didn’t I think of that? It cost no much time!”

He personally got out of the car, walk through the direction where the girl had just stopped, only to find out that the girl has disappeared.

Disappeared? she was just standing here…

Lin Fengtian frown, he repeatedly turns his eyes to search for her in the crowd but found no trace of her.

She’s gone … …


The Artist Assistant interview is very simple and then she just filled out the form, submitted her several proofs of identity and she got hired .

The Manager informed her that she will start to work tomorrow, her wages are quite big, although the work is a thankless job and perhaps a little stressful, but still Yun Shishi is very happy.

As they were leaving, the manager look at her curiously, and asked: “Your beauty is quite a challenge, how come you went for an interview as an artist assistant? It’s a pity that … …”

If this girl will be finely crafted, she can join the entertainment industry.

Yun Shishi smiled but did not say anything.

Before leaving, she received an information sheet. She will be responsible for a newcomer artist named Han Jingyi.

She heard that this newcomer artist has a big shot backing, and she’s relying on those people so much.

She also heard that this newcomer artist got a quite temper.


Yun Li Qin was full of hope on Yun Na’s audition. But when she got back home, Yun Li Qin saw her daughter was gloomy and have a dejected appearance, she immediately asks about the result of the audition.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing her daughter’s appearance, Yun Li Qin anxiously ask, “Did you failed the audition? Or is it that … … the director did not fancy you!?”

Yun Na unwillingly replied. “Well … … with my qualifications, how could I not even enter the auditions! Even if they are not looking for a heroine, there will be a director who will fancy my face!”

“Then what’s with that expression on your face?”

Yun Li Qin asks her hesitantly and became more anxious. Then Yun Na slowly explained the truth.

Originally she was very confident in this audition. She prepared everything: clothing, makeup, shoes, etc. She even bought the original novel and memorize them for several days, the lines were long but she can recite them fluently.

She had chosen the most emotional script section of the plot, she repeatedly practiced in front of the mirror. She confidently rushed to the audition, however, they told her that if she has no audition letter, she is unable to participate in the audition.

But isn’t the “Green Fruit” advertisement has repeatedly stated that the audition is open to anyone, no matter what a person’s status is, as long as she is a legitimate citizen, she can participate in the audition. So, why they were saying to her: “No Letter No Audition”?

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