One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 43: Conspiracy

So, why they were saying to her: “No Letter No Audition”?

According to the responsible crew, during the interview, too many random people came including those Gu Xingze’s fans. So the director made a temporary decision.

And so Yun Na was not able to enter the audition venues and was stuck in the door, she helplessly looked at those girls with audition letter stepping forward. Although she is full of confidence, she has no chance, so it’s a failure!

Naturally, Yun Na felt injustice.

Yun Li Qin doesn’t understand this kind of market strategy and got confused. “What about this audition letter? How will you get it?”

Yun Na sighed. “I did ask, thanks to business relationships.”

She added: “Although the audition is open for the female lead, but in the end, those crew sent out the audition letter to their major firm and to those that has a closed relationship with their company, you need to find these resources and make a request.”

Many major firms have taken this golden opportunity, they are very eager to use this chance so mostly of the participant in the auditions are the major firm’s 18-line model just like Han Jingyi, but still, the selection for heroine was very hard.

“You don’t have a chance?!”

Yun Li Qin cannot stand the disappointment, her daughter has put so much effort and expectations, waiting for the day that she will be able to fulfill her dreams, but it seems she is going to life and death?

Yun Na suddenly remembered a man, her eyes lit up. “Don’t worry Mom, I got an idea!”


At night.

Yun Shishi is writing at Youyou’s school contact book, and the phone rings.

She unconsciously picks up the phone, loud voices came to the other side, it seems similar to a nightclub.

“Hello?… … Hello!”

but no one answered her for a long time, Yun Shishi felt suspicious and frown her eyebrows. She was about to hang up when a poor voice of a man came to the other side: “Are you Yun Na’s sister?”

“Uh … yes.”

The man replied back: “She is drunk now, and doesn’t wake up, can you come over and take her?”

Is Yun Na making trouble again!?

Yun Shishi subconsciously wants to refuse, she doesn’t want to clean up her mess!

She always makes things hard for her and Youyou, and because of her, she lost her job. What else does she want? She being drunk has nothing to do with her!

However, Father Yun’s worried face suddenly emerge in her mind, Yun Shishi couldn’t help but clenched her fists for a long time.

When the man did not hear her voice for a long time, he asks: “Hello?”, Yun Shishi sighed and asked: “Where is that?”



Gabriel, the most famous nightclub in the capital , it was known for consumption of luxury, mostly young rich people are the big spender, but there were also some ruffians to have fun, so Gabriel was also known as chaos.

Drugs, gambling, shady deal, one night, it was a darkness vault.

In the news, you can often see people are fighting and always have heavy casualties. However, despite such mess, the law cannot stop their operation, because Gabriel is different from other nightclubs, there is a very strong background, there are so many people who did not dare to touch it.

When Yun Shishi stepped inside, the place is full of cigar smoke…

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TLN: Oh my! Oh my! a new tragedy is coming >.< Will this give birth to another worst case in life or …….. *fufufu* Will the upcoming chapters became more interesting? hehehe

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