One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 44: Pandemonium

When Yun Shishi stepped inside, the place is full of cigar smoke…

Along the way, licentious pairs of men and women reflected in her eyes, the atmosphere was overflowing with erosion but looks very luxurious.

The waiter took her into a VIP room that the man mentioned. When Yun Shishi entered the door she smells a strong fragrance of alcohol and smoke mixing together. The smoke fog is heavy, the music is very loud, most of the rich youth inside with popular dyed hairstyle are drinking.

When she turn her sight around their circle, she saw Yun Na was lying on the side of the sofa,  drunk and unconscious.

A few rich youth saw her, they looked up one after another, some of them are playing loud whistles, “Yo! oh really!”

“Hey? this chick is very pretty, she looks great, and looks much better than these ladies! hahaha”

Some people said: “Yea! now it’s rare to see a pure girl like her! I don’t know what is the taste of a pure girl in bed! It must be wonderful!”

Those filthy words are unbearable.

Yun Shishi got shocked with those rich youth’s words, just when she was listening to them a “bang” sound was heard. The waiter respectfully closed the door, she was a little embarrassed to stand there, and she cannot move.

To tell the truth, her heart felt scared to these small group of rich youth, she walks away.

A rich young man with a tattoo on his arm, got up and stomped over at the table, he stepped forward and grabbed her wrist and smiled with an ill intent:”What are you going to do with your sister?”

Yun Shishi bit her lips, with hesitation, she had to go back and looked at Yun Na, and said: “I … … that, I will take her away.”

“Right now?” one rich young man smiled and frown, “How disappointing! Don’t go yet ah!  Accompany this brother with few drinks!”

The rich young man took her shoulder and introduced a few men to her on the sofa one by one: “Come on, I will introduce them to you, this is our boss, he is called Brother Qiang, and the brother sitting next to him is leopard brother, the huge … … ”

Yun Shishi can no longer withstand and push away his clamping arm, she said: “I don’t want to drink! I came to … … get Yun Na back!”

The rich young man listened, but a “Puchi” sneer was heard, “You don’t want to drink? Then my brother and I will do something else!”

His eyes glance at her chest, and stretch out his hands to touch her face!

Yun Shishi got panic and escape, apparently his desire got her scared, she shouted at him: “What are you doing?!”

“What? Of course, giving you a bonus!” the rich young man crooked his head, and half-jokingly replied.

Behind him, another rich young man screamed, “What’s that … Yun Shishi, right? Don’t be stupid, come here and sit down! Let the waiter open a few bottles of whiskey!”

Yun Shishi shook her head and glanced at Yun Na, “I don’t drink! I … … Let go!”

She turned around and wanted to leave. The rich young man had caught her hand, grabbed her wrist, and forcefully dragged her back.

Yun Shishi exclaimed a loud cry, she struggled, but the rich young man had her wrist.

He glanced at her from head to toe, and said: “Hey, don’t do that? This younger sister of yours doesn’t understand a thing, and you also don’t understand the rules?”

Yun Shishi frown: “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” The rich young man smile, and loudly mocked: “Your sister came to us to play without money and use our drugs to bet, every day she depends on us, so no less, she owed us Two hundred thousand!”

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TLN: Ohhh Yun Na!…. I’m really having a headache because of you, Why are you so stupid?*sigh*

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 44: Pandemonium

  1. omg yun shishi you poor thing!!! .she has already lost ger job because of that damned sister of hers
    thank you,ive been a silent reader for awhile *-*.fighting!!!


  2. Somebody drag evil sister and lock her up and throw away the key. She’s been a source of problems for YS. Tsk..

    Xie xie Ai Hrist. BTW, you have a pretty unique moniker.


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