One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 45: Into the wolf cave

The rich young man smile, and loudly mocked: “Your sister came to us to play without money and used our drugs to bet, every day she depends on us, so no less, she owed us Two hundred thousand!”

Two hundred thousand!

Yun Shishi’s eyes widened, she felt her mind was spinning.

She thought Yun Na was only rebelling, so she often went to play outside, but she did not expect this, some small fry like her, sooner or later they will collect the money.

She did not guess she will play so fierce, she dares to use drugs to play too! And even … … owed these people two hundred thousand!

Two hundred thousand … … even if Father Yun sold their apartment, probably they still cannot afford this debt!

She was so shocked, her whole body got stiff like a stone, the rich young man continued: “If you have no money use drugs, it’s really boring if you have no money, right? But still, you can personally discuss it with Brother Qiang”

Brother Qiang is their leader, this leader keeps on gambling and smoking in front of them, the sexy woman around his arm is also playing seriously, then he pinches off his cigarettes away, smiled and said: “Your sister can’t afford to pay us, you have a money, right?”

Yun Shishi’s face darken, “I … … I have no money.”

I don’t even have two thousand or twenty thousand!

The rich young man felt despair: “No money? brother Qiang, this bitch said she had no money!”

“Two hundred thousand is not a small number.”

When Brother Qiang heard her, he showed an indecent smile.

“You have no money, your younger sister also have no money!”

The rich young man then looked at her delicate cheeks and seems very satisfied.

“Look at you, you look so beautiful, why don’t you accompany Brother Qiang to play for a few days! Brother Qiang really despise those women outside! So Beautiful girl, you should be happy ah!”

“No!” Yun Shishi refused.

The rich young man laughs, he gently patted her cheek, and pointed his finger to brother Qiang, “Hey, don’t be ungrateful ah! Do you know who that man is? He is the boss of a street bar and you dare to reject him, do you want to die?”

He forced her to sit on the sofa, Brother Qiang wraps his arm around her, his other hand poured a whiskey in a glass, his fingertips wipe a white powder along the wine glass, and he handed it to her.

The whiskey got spilled on the table.

“Drink this!”

Yun Shishi looked at the wine glass, her breathing gradually increase.

“I … I’m not going to drink!”

Yun Shishi is allergic to alcohol, let alone a glass full of whiskey. She shouldn’t drink it if she really wants to leave here.

Brother Qiang “tut” let out curse words, his eyebrows wrinkled, “You don’t really want to give me a face ah?”

“I really cannot drink!” Yun Shishi tightly grabs his hands.

“You want a harsh way!?”

Brother Qiang raised his head and gave the rich young man a wink. He took the hint and stepped forward to hold her jaw, he forces her to open her mouth, and Brother Qiang forcibly poured the whiskey into her mouth.

The whiskey almost burst into her nose and throat, the strong flavor of the alcohol choked her, the burning sensation runs all the way into her throat. Her face suddenly gets flushed, and her tears suddenly flow out.

Yun Shishi doesn’t know where did she get the strength to push the rich young man, the wine glass fell and shattered on the ground.

She desperately grabs her throat, bent over and cough, she vomits some wine, but she only felt her stomach was burning like there was a fire inside.

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TLN: Ohh well! I’ll try to finish this tragedic chapters fast coz I really want to share with you guys the “Tut” chapter *fufufu*. Although Yun Na is hateful in these chapters, but maybe we will be grateful later. *hohoho*

No spoilers, please!

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One thought on “Chapter 45: Into the wolf cave

  1. Holy shite! YS should have thousand thoughts in any situation related to her evil sister. She only brings trouble.

    Thanks for this chapter.


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