16 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 47

    1. hahaha… I’m translating them, while at work whenever I’m not busy with clients and continue them when I get back home, if i’m not that tired and sleepy. And release them by next morning before going to work. Thus same routine ^.^

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      1. Wow! You are a fast worker. And moi is very grateful. Thanks.

        Now to the story…..MZ’s power and influence can become useful in this situation. Makes sure you put your ruthlessness to good use and punish the baddies.


  1. Ai… is soo mean how could you throw us into such a steep cliff!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your hardwork n I think my tsundere getting worse (-_-“)


  2. wa….its cliffhanger….i hope nothing will happen to her…heavens should have mercy in her….she really is going through a lot….whew..it would be nice if our hero could really rescue her…and i need Shishi to be the actress on that drama just to spite her bitch sister YN


  3. Sometimes YSS make me really sick of her gullability. I know she is fillial but she only think of wanting to repay her debts to her foster father. Also knowing her foster father’s family hates her yet she still went out of her way to try to save someone who is not her while.

    I am so tired of her helpless n try to be braved attitudes n ended up hurting the one she loves the most, her son YY. How is she going to protect her son while she can’t even protect herself from those two bi5ches..*sigh*


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