One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 48

Hi everyone,

Here’s an extra chapter for Karen H.

I feel shy to dedicate a depressing part so I decided to translate another one. ^.^

Once again, Thank you very very much for the donation Karen H, that was a first time experience. *sobs*sobs*sobs*

So here’s Chapter 48



15 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 48

  1. If she’s allergic to alcohol, she should be dying or at least show some symptoms of rashness on her skin or something. Then, that bastard won’t be able to eat her up….
    Thanks for fast updates. Looking forward to next chapter.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Was considering letting the chapters build up before binge reading but decided to keep up with the daily updates.
    Just make sure you don’t burn out with this pace you’re setting.


  3. What?! No spoiler?! But I need themmm~~~~~ aaaaaaaa cliffff~~~~
    Spoil me by giving spoiler
    Spoil spoiler spoil spoiler😁 lol

    Well i should do what my heart said to not read now…. because the clifffffffffff~~~~~~

    Thank you so so so so so so so so sol la si do sol fa mi re doooo so so much


  4. It’s Mu Yazhe might had recognized her,and came to the rescue. thanks god, it’s to close for comfort, I hope Mu Yazhe will take her home or take her to the hospital. Thanks for your speedy update. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Have a blessed evening.


  5. OMG you are so good and fast…and i forgot to say my congratulations to you for your 1st donation….thanks again…such a hero….i think i have an idea who’s is he…..


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