One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 48: The power of hunting

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Chapter 48: The power of hunting

Yun Shishi’s consciousness slightly return, she felt her stomach is turning upside down. She curled up her body and clenched her small hand to her clothes to ease the pain.

She wishes that the strange heat inside her body subside immediately.

Because of pain she completely lost the ability to think, she didn’t even know where they are right now. While she’s struggling because of her lower abdomen, she also felt a burst of inexplicable coldness in  the room.

Her body felt half cold and half inflame!

This painful feeling made her crazy!

“Hot … it’s so hot, help me … … help me … …”

Brother Qiang looking at her struggling felt very satisfied.

He used the most terrible but effective drug on the black market. If you have no special connections from there, you wouldn’t be able to get this good stuff.

Once this drug was taken, even a woman who has strong willpower won’t be able to resist.

There was no one simply survive after tasting this drug!

Not to mention this inexperienced woman?

Yun Shishi keeps squirming in the bed, the pain she felt keeps increasing!

But this action of her makes her even more charming!

Brother Qiang took off his clothes and pants. He excitedly climbs the bed, he cannot wait any longer and rush over to her: “Little Beauty, don’t move much. Let me help you with that! I’ll make you comfortable!”

But at this moment, the doorbell ring.

Brother Qiang facial expression suddenly become distorted, he is not willing to stop.

He is just starting, right? What could be more depressing than being disturbed in this kind of situation? He simply doesn’t want to take into account whoever the people outside and just wants to continue this beautiful thing .

However, when he was about to open her chest button, the doorbell rang again and again and again. The people outside keeps pressing and seems a little impatient.

In the capital, he only gives consideration to his mixed circles!

But now, who the hell dared to make his good mood change into a bad one, ah!?

Brother Qiang eyes suddenly become fierce, he turned bitterly and quickly put on his pants, he stretches his bare arm to open the door!

He mumbled while opening the door, he raised his head and saw two tall men standing in the doorway. Their strong body was blocking the door and almost blocked the light in the corridor!

Brother Qiang livid face suddenly sank, his eyes are showing that he is scared!

Although he can be regarded a member of the underworld society, but still these two men made him shock and awe to live!

Their eyes are projecting a murderous intent, like a bloodthirsty killer in the night, looking so ruthless!

He swallowed a mouthful saliva with difficulty, he keeps looking at them: “you, you … you … what do you want? You got the wrong guy!”

The two men did not speak, but they pulled him out behind the door. They carried him up like a prisoner and walk away.

Brother Qiang got startled, then he swears a few words.

“Hey! What are you doing?! what do you want to do with me!”

“I am the boss of Lao Tzu bar street! You know that, right? Let go of me!”

“That woman, I spent two hundred thousand to buy her. Let me go, I said let go!”

The noise went away.

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TLN: Ohhhhhhh what a cliffhanger *fufufu*

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 48: The power of hunting

  1. If she’s allergic to alcohol, she should be dying or at least show some symptoms of rashness on her skin or something. Then, that bastard won’t be able to eat her up….
    Thanks for fast updates. Looking forward to next chapter.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Was considering letting the chapters build up before binge reading but decided to keep up with the daily updates.
    Just make sure you don’t burn out with this pace you’re setting.


  3. What?! No spoiler?! But I need themmm~~~~~ aaaaaaaa cliffff~~~~
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  4. It’s Mu Yazhe might had recognized her,and came to the rescue. thanks god, it’s to close for comfort, I hope Mu Yazhe will take her home or take her to the hospital. Thanks for your speedy update. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Have a blessed evening.


  5. OMG you are so good and fast…and i forgot to say my congratulations to you for your 1st donation….thanks again…such a hero….i think i have an idea who’s is he…..


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