21 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 50

  1. Wa….i hope she doesn’t get pregnant again and hopefully YSS won’t be balmed because of the drugs…and i want to thank her sister for her evilness finally they meet in natiral circumstances i don’t think YSS will meet him and so is MY….he he he he he…but i hope our twins will see each other soon..


    1. hahaha.. yup, remember she was able to meet MYZ too when those gangster went to her workplace because of Yun Na. ^.^ …. Yun Na is like a YinYang charm to her life *fufufu*


  2. “She’s like a fire burning up the debris, oh, I need to loosen up my collar to breath. And there’s no window here to let in the breeze, but she can give me all the air I need!” – Mikey Wax, Bottle of Jack

    I think these lyrics are fitting ^_^


  3. I totally agree with Miss Translator. I dare not read this at work during my break time. 😛

    Thanks for the chapters–hot one for that.


  4. Thanks for the chapters.
    Self control man self control, give her a cold shower..who am I kidding😜.
    Hoping he doesn’t left after the deed and she explains the situation.


  5. I hope to hear something from the twins soon,for them to meet and to switch places!
    I don’t know if it actually happens but it would be awesome!
    Shi Shi x Yahze moments are nice too

    Thanks for the chapters! 🙂


  6. I hope the twins meet and switch places soon!
    But it’s only a thought maybe it will not happen in the novel
    Shi Shi and Yahze moments are nice too

    Thank you for the chapters! 🙂


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