One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 50: Fire inside

He slightly got surprised, but then, he reaches out his hand to hold her chin and pulled closely her face.

When Mu Yazhe lowered his head, he sees her blurred and misty eyes, he felt that there is really something wrong with her.

On contrary, Yun Shishi wraps her arms more tightly to his shoulders, she leaned her crimson little face and desperately want to bully his lips.

Mu Yazhe narrowed his eyes, subconsciously he wanted to avoid her kiss, but because she was tightly wrapping her arms around his neck, he couldn’t dodge her, he wanted to break off her kiss with his lips and teeth.

Her kiss is actually felt harmless, but because she has no skills and is inexperience. Her kiss is very clumsy and awkward.

Yun Shishi frantically continued kissing him, the fire inside her generally wants to ravage his cold lips, she put her tongue inside his mouth and randomly bump everywhere, her rigid kiss made Mu Yazhe grasp for breath.

However, despite her unskilled kiss, his body tense up and find her kiss intolerable.

Yun Shishi’s kiss was almost crazy, she kisses him all the way down until the tip of her tongue reaches his Adam’s apple and she gently bites it. Mu Yazhe’s body got stiff, his eyes reveal a faint dangerous atmosphere.

She was completely resolved to fill the uncomfortable emptiness inside her body. Her series of action made her shoulder strap completely slipped, with their two bodies constant friction, her dress slipped all through her waist.

Her smooth and soft white skin suddenly got exposed to the air, her beauty made his body turn in the heat too!

Mu Yazhe stared at her body and looked at her, she doesn’t seem to realize what exactly she is doing!

He really has a great self-control, but still, he cannot stand her provocation.

“Save me … … save, save me … …”

Because of the drugs, she seeks for more.

Yun Shishi slowly opened her empty eyes, her heart beats fast, her small hands reach out for his belt and casually unbuckled it.

Driven by her desires, she seems to have been carried away.

Mu Yazhe’s handsome face got covered with cold sweat, but he tried to restrain the fire in his heart and body.

There is a strong sense that his body was actually longing for her.

For a long time, he’s not lacking with a beautiful or glamorous girl around him, but since he chose to be cold, no matter how hard those women tried to deeply move or seduce him, he didn’t pay any attention to them.

But he didn’t know that a man’s body has its own memory, once a body tasted something good, it could no longer forget.

He didn’t know what kind of magic does this woman use to let him remember that taste.

Yun Shishi’s small hands keep trembling in his arms. She frowns her eyebrows, wanting to follow her instinct, but it seems it’s ultimately pointless.

Mu Yazhe’s throat got tight, a burst of electric shock generally numb his senses. This woman kept his heart in chaos and forced him to lose control!

“Aah … … it’s hot … … help me, help me … …”

Yun Shishi doesn’t know how to proceed, she tried to kiss his thin lips again to seek his help: “… … help me…. save me … it’s hot … painful … …”

Yun Shishi straightens up her body, her white and beautiful arm slowly move on his waist, as her red lips got close to his lips, it completely destroyed his last trace of reason.

Mu Yazhe raises his hand, his fingers interspersed into her hair and his palm moves at the back of her neck, her whole body got affixed to him. Mu Yazhe is now determined to return the favor and bit her lips, his cold eyes stared in her face.

“Remember, this is what you want!”

His strong arms firmly grab her light and fragile waist and carried her.

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TLN: Wow, Shishi actually seduces Yazhe? hahaha… I don’t dare to translate the upcoming chapters at work, what if somebody peeks while I’m translating, right?    >.<

No spoilers, please!

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 50: Fire inside

  1. Wa….i hope she doesn’t get pregnant again and hopefully YSS won’t be balmed because of the drugs…and i want to thank her sister for her evilness finally they meet in natiral circumstances i don’t think YSS will meet him and so is MY….he he he he he…but i hope our twins will see each other soon..


    1. hahaha.. yup, remember she was able to meet MYZ too when those gangster went to her workplace because of Yun Na. ^.^ …. Yun Na is like a YinYang charm to her life *fufufu*


  2. “She’s like a fire burning up the debris, oh, I need to loosen up my collar to breath. And there’s no window here to let in the breeze, but she can give me all the air I need!” – Mikey Wax, Bottle of Jack

    I think these lyrics are fitting ^_^


  3. I totally agree with Miss Translator. I dare not read this at work during my break time. 😛

    Thanks for the chapters–hot one for that.


  4. Thanks for the chapters.
    Self control man self control, give her a cold shower..who am I kidding😜.
    Hoping he doesn’t left after the deed and she explains the situation.


  5. I hope to hear something from the twins soon,for them to meet and to switch places!
    I don’t know if it actually happens but it would be awesome!
    Shi Shi x Yahze moments are nice too

    Thanks for the chapters! 🙂


  6. I hope the twins meet and switch places soon!
    But it’s only a thought maybe it will not happen in the novel
    Shi Shi and Yahze moments are nice too

    Thank you for the chapters! 🙂


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