One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 52: Unfinished situation

Their sticky bodies were entangled together and they have been long drenched in sweat.

That feeling of suffocation is very satisfying. It seems like the two of them are in harmony, as if their flesh and blood belong to each other.

And gorgeously dripping … …

It is very difficult to put in words, but their emotions constantly flow.

Unconsciously, Yun Shishi grabbed his smooth hand and their fingers intertwined, his palm is a bit cold, but gives a gentle feeling!

She’s almost shivering so she kisses his cold thin lips, but it felt so soft and warm, all of a sudden his ironed heart beats very fast … …

Mu Yazhe couldn’t breathe much, this kiss is actually very intimate  .

This time, he didn’t avoid her kiss but firmly affixed his lips to her. Their kiss is very passionate and deep .

He closes his eyes for a moment, and then his dark eyes stared at her enchanting blooming body. Then, Mu Yazhe held her down on the bed, to seize her in greatest content.

Yun Shishi grasp rapidly for breath when their kiss was interrupted.

In the end, after their thrilling and ruthlessly collision, their body shuddered.

As if a white light flash in their mind, the two of them finally able to reach the ultimate peak of the heaven … …

He really had to admit, that the drug used by that man  to her is really fierce.

When he recovered his senses, he discovered the sky is now gray.

After Yun Shishi found out the solution in the drugs they used to her, she recovered pretty well. But now, she felt tired and sleepy, she tightly wrapped her two white arms around his waist, she felt weak and helpless.

The two of them are still sticking together, some of her loose hair attached to his chest, he felt some trace of itching.

Mu Yazhe looks at her smooth and white body, he felt dissatisfied, he decided to left a few traces of kiss mark on her.

Every trace in her body has witnessed their crazy battle this night.

He must be crazy, he must be really crazy to do this … …

He has an extraordinary self-control, and he even not touched any woman after their night six years ago, but once again with this woman, he loses control.

His mind is clearly contradicting his body, is it because this woman is Little Yichen’s real mother?

Mu Yazhe looks at her, his eyes fell on her petite body.

She was very thin, his big palm gently covered her cheeks, her face was not as big as his palm.

He doesn’t know, in the past six years. What kind of life she was living?

Originally the amount he paid to her is almost a lifetime income to ordinary people.

She should be able to have a good life, right?

But now she was thinner than six years ago, her face is pale, she looks weak, that waist of her, he seems to be able to grab it easily.

In this six years, did she finished her studies? does she have a good job? does she have a family? Or … …

Thinking about those things, his heart is almost uncontrollable and abruptly beating … … Actually, it produces a strange feeling.

Is she married?

Damn, that was he really concerned about!

Thinking about other men had encroach this delicious creature, his heart ignited a fire.

The sleeping Yun Shishi doesn’t know that the man she’s hugging tightly is almost a perfect man. And at this moment, this man that is staring at her sleeping face, his heart is somehow feeling depressed … …

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TLN: OMG! I survived translating this crazy chapter… Anyway, I find this chapter sweet ^.^ coz MYZ personally got curious with her life and his mind & heart got stirred more. Isn’t it a good thing that he didn’t read Ai Lun’s report? *fufufu*

No spoilers, please!

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 52: Unfinished situation

  1. Thanks a lot for your hardwork. In fact iam checking every hr to see wether there’s any updates from you. I can’t stop reading. Thanks


  2. wa…despite my tight project deadlines…keep sneaking when is the other chapter upload…and yahoo finally one more…thank you..


  3. I hope YSS will open her eyes and look at him and clear up any misunderstanding, she is not a loose woman, she had been drug. After this encounter I hope Mr Mu Yazhe will read her file and get to know her more and look at the pictures of his other son YY. Thank you very much for. Your hard work. Happy thanksgiving to all and God Bless.


    1. I think he already knows she was drugged and who did it, “He really had to admit, that the drug that man used to her is really fierce.”


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