13 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 54

  1. This is beautiful… A beautiful chapter.. I read up to chapter 110 in raws, and i am so grateful that you translate this one. A refreshing change from my BL, time travel and xianxia.. Thank you for the chapter


  2. Mu Yazhe hv already label her as wild woman….. Dude… get to know her more b4 passing judgement😱…. Youyou soo clever, understanding and cute… I wish I hv children like Youyou in future.. ☺


  3. Wa….so cute and clever Youyou….jealousy comes 1st before anything…ha ha ha ha to MY…why does he look on the negative things 1st before anything when it’s about YSS….


  4. What a smart child,YouYou is and very matured. Don’t let her work night shift, mommy work hard, perfect attendance bonus and Mother’s Day bonus, what a nice child to say. Yazhe assumed that she is wild selling her body for service. Yazhe paid two hundred thousand, she can easily misunderstood. I’m hooping that YSS will wake up before he live for work and have a talk and clear up the misunderstanding. I hope Yazhe will read her investigative file of YSS. What prompts Yazhe to pay 200,000.00 for YSS debt or service if he did not care about her. Thanks for the update looking forward to the next chapter. Have a blessed day.


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