18 thoughts on “One Chil Two Treasures – Chapter 57

      1. U.U
        I can’t swim in deep place yet… sigh… when you are talking about swimming…
        i remember when i was a kid. i swam in deep place and started to drown… i pulled somebody pants until he is so shock and just “. . . . . . “, turning back and seemed wanting to forget it… gaga


      2. Aaaa~~~ meat~~~ ♡♡
        i can’t eat too many of cow meat…. will started to feel headache if i am not fit enough while eating it…
        do you use cow meat?
        Have fun!


  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    I guess sooner things will take quite a while to resolve.
    On a side note, I’m curious as to how much time has passed on the currently latest raw chapter. Will Youyou and his twin become adults? No spoilers please, I’m just curious.


  2. YSS recognized the secretary who was by her side when she was pregnant six years ago, and now she is there to give her the morning after pill and also the president wanted to see her, she can guess that the President is the guy she slept with that night. She is scared to face him. Yazhe might offer her a job or contract to be his mistress on the side. Thanks for the update. Have a happy weekend and be safe.


    1. Heh.. becoming side mistress? not that easy.. we are talking abt 1k plus chapters here.. its going to be full of circles and curved b4 they actually become one family. Lots of… ahem .. distractions.


      1. I’m just guessing, I can’t read nor write Chinese. Eagerly awaits for the next chapter on Monday. Have blessed day and enjoy your family outing…


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