Good Morning, Mr. President!

Good Morning, Mr. President! – Chapter 1

Hi everyone,

I tried translating this novel *fufufu*

Why did I choose this novel? Because I got interested and curious.

Do I only enjoy translating this kind of novel? No, but because my English and Chinese are poor and limited I can only try translating a novel similar to OCTT.

Is this good? I don’t know, I haven’t read chapter three onwards. I am translating already while reading the chapter*fufufu*

Am I irresponsible as a translator? hehehe. I found this novel the same time with OCTT but I got more interested in surrogacy stuff. And it’s twice longer than OTCC. So guys please try to understand If I can’t guide you much in this novel.

Here’s our Chapter 1

6 thoughts on “Good Morning, Mr. President! – Chapter 1

  1. It’s almost the same scenario of one child two treasure. They don’t know who the father of the baby, who impregnated her. Do you think the guy who impregnated her will come forward that he is the father of the baby? Thanks for the update have a blessed week. Looking forward for the next chapter.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Seems like this one will be quite interesting. Hope odds more romance and lead misunderstandings than your other one but I’ll read them both regardless.


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