13 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 61

  1. dang it…..more more more and thicker misunderstanding can we untangle all those misunderstanding and start another chapter of good life……sigh…
    thanks for the update…
    by the way i promise to check your update weekly but i just can’t do it that’s why i am here again…lol..


  2. Lol one bad impression after another, boy is he digging his own trench – can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out the truth.


  3. Thanks for the update. Ripped the check in half and throw it in his face. That’s what I would have done. Chapters are really short, making you longing for more.


  4. He is infatuated with her. He can’t seems get enough, that he is even proposing to have a one night stand or be mistress on the side. Maybe other girls would like it because of who he is. But not YSS I’m proud of her. Another misunderstanding again. Thanks for the update have a blessed day. Eagerly awaits for the next chapter.


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