One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 61: His arrogance angered her

He believes that these reactions of her are not fake, after all, he had seen too many false pretenses, even if their acting is perfect.

Mu Yazhe then though that in this six years: Is this girl haven’t really transformed into a woman?

However, he was very satisfied, at least, this woman’s beauty is exclusive.

It seems Mu Yazhe’s face is thicker than normal men.

Right now she’s so pure and gentle. He like the aggressive her last night.

Mu Yazhe smile, and tease her:”Why are you so shy?”

Yun Shishi’s heart skip a beat and her cheeks turn red when she heard his voice sounds maturely nice and very magnetic.

Seeing her this way made Mu Yazhe want to tease her more, he smiled and his words become more explicit:”Last night, in bed, you are not like this.”

Mu Yazhe caresses her waist and intentionally lifted her skirt, his hand tried to move closer to her private part.

Yun Shishi got surprised, she immediately hold his hand to stop: “Don’t … …”

“Don’t?” He lifted his eyes and showed a dark expression, but revealing a glittering gaze.

“No, stop doing this!” Yun Shishi seriously refused to him, unlike other women they will welcome him anytime.

“Last night, you didn’t say that.”

Yun Shishi somehow inexplicable lowered her head and find herself sitting on his body, she realized now that they seem to be in an awkward position!

She got a little upset, she tried to remove his big hand around her waist. She replied back: “I’m sorry! But last night… I don’t know what happened … … In short, if you got in trouble … … I’m really sorry….”

Mu Yazhe interrupted her speech lazily. “I’m very satisfied.”

Yun Shishi got surprised when he handed a price cheque, the amount written in it is cost two million, and when she look at the bottom, there’s beautiful signature “Mu Yazhe.”

At that moment, Yun Shishi can’t understand his intention, and embarrassedly chuckle: “Sir, what do you mean?”

Her mind is in mess! It seems she has no brain in her head, this man gave her a two million cheque.

What exactly does he mean? Does he think I am that kind of woman … … right?

Yun Shishi cannot help but get angry, she really wants to get off now and escape far away from this man, the farther the better!

Mu Yazhe smiled and he gave a different meaning to her words: “Why? Is two million not enough?”

“What?” Yun Shishi can’t understand how this man’s brain works.

“Woman, are you really that simple or not?” Mu Yazhe pinches her chin hard, her eyes got teary. “I’m asking if this cheque is not enough to buy you for a night.”

When Yun Shishi heard this, she got stunned and can’t react for a long time.

Mu Yazhe thought that the price is too low.

“Not enough?”

He paused for a while, his eyes got sharp and appeared cold and heartless. He continued stripping her dignity: “Then a night with you, how much it cost? A Villa, small houses, Mercedes-Benz, just tell me, what do you want?”

Yun Shishi’s eyes darken, and coldly said:”Sir, it seems you made a mistake, right?”

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TLN: another cheezy chapter >.< Shishi go get that cheque… Youyou tried his best to ask for it! I’m bad  *fufufu*

No spoilers, please!

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 61: His arrogance angered her

  1. dang it…..more more more and thicker misunderstanding can we untangle all those misunderstanding and start another chapter of good life……sigh…
    thanks for the update…
    by the way i promise to check your update weekly but i just can’t do it that’s why i am here again…lol..


  2. Lol one bad impression after another, boy is he digging his own trench – can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out the truth.


  3. Thanks for the update. Ripped the check in half and throw it in his face. That’s what I would have done. Chapters are really short, making you longing for more.


  4. He is infatuated with her. He can’t seems get enough, that he is even proposing to have a one night stand or be mistress on the side. Maybe other girls would like it because of who he is. But not YSS I’m proud of her. Another misunderstanding again. Thanks for the update have a blessed day. Eagerly awaits for the next chapter.


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