22 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 64

      1. or he can go against his father….ba ha ha ha ha ha ha…but as they say its a long story….wa….
        thanks for the update…


      2. Nooo… how’s his brother then? Not smart?
        I think because the author wants to make war between father and son? To get claim of her? Hmm or maybe become astronaut? Lol


  1. >.< thank u..!!! actually i just start this novel last night n end up keep reading until 5am..when reacheed chap 61..i was like..'no..!!i want more!!' but with no other choice..i went to sleep..

    n now..!! thank u very much!!!


    1. What a coincidence! I also started last night and finished in one go then sadly went to sleep at ch-61.
      The little radish You You is kawaii X 100.


      1. hahaha..i read lots of chinese novels..of coz the translated version..but to be truth..ai hrist translation far more understandable than other blog..i’m not saying they r bad bcoz its still readable..but bcoz of ai hrist translation easy to understand so i can read n understand them at one go..!!!

        really love it..

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  2. Grandpa is going to talk to him and ask who is his mom and father. If he said that he doesn’t know his dad he is going to investigate further. He will find out the truth and YY identity. It’s getting interesting and I want more…thanks and have a blessed day.


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