Good Morning, Mr. President!

Good Morning, Mr. President! – Chapter 2

Hi everyone,

What do you think about our first chapter?

How cool our Male Lead ah! ^.^

I think abortion is legal in China… Is it?

Let’s check out what will happen in Chapter 2

4 thoughts on “Good Morning, Mr. President! – Chapter 2

  1. I thought China have heavy family control policy though? I heard only 2 or 3 child is allowed per family..
    Thanks for the chapter!!!


  2. Heck.. I am more interested on who sign up the girl name to be a surrogate mom. The girl sure have no idea at all. Is it a foul play to get the large sum money using her or to make her break up with her boyfriend or to shame her? Or it was just a mistake by that powerful guy’s staff.

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    1. Most likely, it is her half-sister because she probably wants to make sure the MC lose face and to disgrace Xu Yan (or something like that) to most likely get him to break up with MC so the half-sister can get with Xu Yan and most likely to inherit the company. Now i understand where the politics is going to play. The half-sister is going to be a two-faced bitch and get the MC into lots pf trouble using politics and such to probably bring her down in society.


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